Friday, September 14, 2012

i brag

dress: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target, shoes: Old Navy, necklaces: Nordstrom/Target/Wet Seal, sunglasses: American Eagle

my dance teachers would be proud of my turnout in that second photo.

this dress i love. it's a littttttle low in the front, but i adore the open back and the fluffy skirt. it did not get very good online reviews on, but i am 100% obsessed. and all the negative reviews meant that i snagged it for $12 on the clearance rack. yeaaaaah!

BRAGWORTHY: GEMMA IS STILL SLEEPING. this is in part because last night my cousin and his girlfriend came over for dinner and she literally screamed the. entire. time. we have never seen her do that before. even my boob couldn't calm that shit down. she just wanted to wail. pooooor BC and Al just wanted some baby snuggle time, but got tears instead. Al works at Nordstrom corporate and she brought little baby the CUTEST shoes and leg warmers ever! little Stuart Weitzmans, Converse and omgidieeeee at the pink sparkle Toms! and that's how Gemstone thanks her: by screaming. 

truth: a few weeks before our wedding i said to JJ, "you have a great last name! i'm happy to add it to my own." and he said, "really? you think so? because i hated it in middle school when Hanson and mmmbop were popular." like he was still genuinely concerned that he shared a last name with a heartthrob teen sensation band of the 90s. 

my Mom and Dad and Lola666 are coming this weekend! yes! TGIF! Topanga and Cory! (every time someone says "TGIF" i think of Topanga and Cory. you too?) 

alas, Gemma can't sleep forever. she is stirring. i can't wait to love up on her cute little self this morning. she is the most adorable little baby in the WORRRRRRRRRRLD, as evidenced below:

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  1. Gem-dear really is insanely perfect. I love your pics. Also, TGIF!!!! I think of Feeeeny and "did I do thaaaat" Urkel.


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