Monday, September 17, 2012

it's a little early.

dress: Ross, bootsL Miz Mooz

hell to the yes, this dress was $8 at Ross. not 100% sure it's actually a dress, but whatevs. i like it.

i'm being featured on the fabulous blog That Mama Gretchen today. check it out, dudes.

we had a great weekend with Nannie, Bear and Lola666. out to dinner on friday, a nice early morning walk, delicious sandwiches and Gemma's first football game saturday, followed by pizza and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (i'm obsessed with the Sherlock Holmes movies, aren't you?). on Sunday morning my parents left (boohoo), and my cousin came over to see G and take a nap on our couch. after she left, we took a nice little family walk to get coffee creamer and rent another movie. it's an exciting life we lead, i know. 

there are already Christmas things up at Costco. they have been up for a while now. i know it pisses a lot of people off. but frankly, i like seeing Santa in July. seeing a plastic version of his jolly fat self sends a little thrill through my brain. i'm fully aware it's a little early, but i have officially started my Christmas shopping today. i'm a total loony, i know. but i like to be organized and budgeted. and on Christmas Eve, when all you fools are rushing around trying to find a nose hair trimmer for your dad, i'll be relaxing at home with a hot buttered rum and a smug grin.

have a nice monday you guys. and don't forget to floss. i always forget to floss.


  1. ohhh what an exciting time. first gemma christmas :)

  2. My contention that our Mimi would have LOVED you is further solidified by your Santa comments! Ask JJ...he'll explain.

  3. super cute "dress." omg...i can't go to bed without teeth feel wierd if i dont.

  4. Love Love LOVE the boots!!!


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