Tuesday, September 11, 2012

little plaid prairie girl

dress; Gap, boots: Miz Mooz

still blonde in this photo. and can i just say how pleasantly thrilled i am to receive such positive feedback on my new brown hair?! the narcissist in me loves hearing compliments.  

i love this dress. i saw it at the Gap and wanted it really bad but it was expensive. then like a week later my sister M was wearing it and i was burning with jealousy. and i whined at her, "but iiiiiiiiii wanted that dressssssssssssss" and she just said, "ha ha ha. i got it." what a butt. 

then a wonderful thing happened. i got a surprise package in the mail. from my Mom. and it was this dress! it went on sale and she bought it for me because she knew how much i wanted it :) and she thought it would be nice and comfy post-baby. but let me tell you something: it looked absolutely HORRENDOUS the first time i put it on after having Gem. like really bad. like a fat lady in a tablecloth dress with a tweety bird tattoo on her arm shopping at walmart bad. so i waited until the ol' bellaroo went down and now it's adorable. like a little plaid prairie girl dress. which is fitting because i'm currently reading Half Broke Horses (so so good. read it.) 

i just love this dress. thanks Momz. loveyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  1. I have that book sitting on my dresser I can't wait to read it! did you read the glass castle?


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