Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mr. darcy, i swoon.


dress: TJ Maxx, boots: Frye, scarf: gifted

this dress is made of jersey and is so comfortable. i like to wear it on the plane when we fly to LA. and my booooooooots! Mom and Dad got them for me for my birthday and i'm spectacularly excitable about them. i can't wait to wear them like, everyday this fall/winter. and HOW ABOUT THIS SCARF?! let me tell you about it. my littlest sister MM got it for me for my birthday. it might be my favorite gift ever received. and wouldn't you know it, Jane Austen's famous tête-à-têtes are printed RIGHT ON IT! "she is tolerable, but not handsome enough to temp me." i love me a Mr. Darcy quote, and now i can wear these beautiful words around my neck. 

during the night my breast pad shifted and i woke up with the first place award at a wet t-shirt contest. that's the worst. i sat up in bed all harried and confused like WHAT? WHERE? WHY AM I WET?! then i have to rustle around the room half-asleep to find another nursing tank. I CANNOT WEAR ANYTHING TO BED BUT A NURSING TANK (i want to French kiss the person who invented them). it's the lazy American in me. i can't deal with all the sleeves and straps and general bullshit of a regular shirt at the devil's hour when Gemmie is screaming at me for milk. 

yesterday we were out shopping for birthday presents for people we love and i found a copy of an old favorite book from my childhood HARRY THE DIRTY DOG. he is just the cutest. so obviously i had to buy it for the baby. and JJ read it to us before bed last night and it was just so cute. 

also, Gemma cries every time we go to Trader Joe's. why? WHY WOULD YOU EVER CRY WHEN THERE ARE CHOCOLATE-COVERED, PEANUT BUTTER-FILLED PRETZELS IN OUR CART?! i need to teach her a thing or two about the good things in this life. 


  1. Love the outfit L! xo

  2. The 3rd picture is the most beautiful super model picture I've ever seen in my life!!! Seriously, post it everywhere.

  3. ditto to the comment above mine, and also the same thing happened to me with the boob pad the other night. i stomped around our room in the dark all pissed off about it trying to find a dry top. we should invent a nighttime nursing pad that is just massive so it doesn't matter if it shifts around...or like out a diaper in our shirts?

    1. I wish I'd thought of diapers when I couldn't contain my milk filled tatas. I was stuffing breast pads, receiving blankets, wash cloths, towels and anything else absorbent I could think of in my bra...nothing worked.

  4. Can sister MM please reveal where she got the scarf? Must own!

  5. I bought that scarf on ETSY a few weeks ago... love it!

  6. Sister MM here, I got the scarf on Etsy and the lady who makes them switches which books she uses for the scarves pretty often! Glad you love it Lace! xoxo

  7. oh my goodness! You are gorgeous!!! This is the cutest blog!! Now following and cannot wait to read more!



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