Wednesday, September 12, 2012

nail clippings & nipple bites

dress: ASOS, heels: Ross

last blonde pic.

this dress was a gift for my 24th from Moon. i had been obsessing over it for quite some time, and she surprised me with it! isn't that sweet? i call it Octopus Chic. i wore it out for my birthday that year. and i wore it in the exact same way as shown above. only this time i had to wear power panties. 

KKiss, me, KitKat, Sam (and the MH!)

noteworthy: i clipped my fingernails a couple days ago near my computer. kind of gross. (and they need to be clipped again already! still taking prenatal vitamins to fortify my breast milk and OMG my hair and nails never.stop.growing) anyway, this morning i pressed the "enter" key with a bit more gusto than usual and whaddyaknow--an old nail clipping popped out from the depths of my keyboard and landed delicately on my wrist. it was hiding in there waiting to gross me out when i least expected it. almost nothing is more disgusting in this world than discovering a nail clipping. even if it's your own. 

also noteworthy: Gemma bit me while she was nursing the other night with her angry little gums. it hurttttt! so i tapped her mouth and said "no no no." and my LORD you'd have thought i cut off her legs by the way she screamed and wailed, her lips blue and quivering in angst. it was so sad. but mostly funny. she is such a drama queen omg.


  1. Wonder where she gets it from? ;)

  2. ohhhh my goodness you're so cute! i just love you and this dress!

  3. LOVE the new mommy stuff - I'm hoping to be a new mommy soon and I love to know about all the random little funny things that happen.. such as when the baby gums your nipples.. <3

  4. You look adorable in that dress!! And the thought of sweet Gem's lip quivering makes me sad!!

  5. i think its because i'm still new to breastfeeding...but it freaking hurts like hell...can't wait for the "biting" stage.

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