Thursday, September 13, 2012

what's inside my brain right now

oh these two! melt my heart. 

baby is just a little blur in this pic--she's always squirmin'

we loved that JJ had the day off yesterday!

1. Gemma had her first cold and it was so sad. JJ said, "it's kind of cute because it's her very first one!" and it actually was cute when she would snore a tiny bit because of her plugged nose. thank GOD (well actually, thanks to my Mom) for the humidifier and boogie wipes.

2. Cleo spent the last few days pacing constantly. day and night. we thought something was wrong with her (surprise, surprise). after googling, i found that she was anxious because i had left my suitcases out from our last couple trips. and when she sees my suitcases, she thinks i'm leaving her. i put the suitcases away and she calmed down immediately. crazy!

3. i found Gemma in her crib this morning laying horizontal, her arms still swaddled and her legs hanging through the bars of her crib. wtf? we removed her bumper after this came out, but now i'm thinking we should put it back up...?

4. my new favorite magic skin combination? this + this 

5. JJ ate an entire jar of my Mom's homemade raspberry jam in 2 days. 

6. why does my linen closet smell weird when all that is in there are clean linens?! 

8. i HATE the day before grocery shopping day. nothing to eat in the house aside from freezer-burned meatballs and stale tortilla chips.

9. we introduced Gemma to her jumperoo. i built it in her room. then went to move it to the family room, but it wouldn't fit through the doorway &#%@ so i had to take it apart and take it to the other room and put it back together again. she is very unsure about it. i sent a video of G in it to my Mom and she said, "holy shit that's a lot of bells and whistles! reminds me a Vegas casino." hahahahahhaaaa.  

10. i found this book at Marshall's for $4.99 and knew that JJ had been wanting it. so i got it for him and we learned last night that Sriracha has HEALING POWERS. omg cool. 


  1. Look into a breathable bumper. They sell them at Babies r Us and they come in tons of different colors. MUCH safer then a traditional bumper.

  2. The mesh bumpers are great. but I would think Gemma (my phone autocorrects her name to Gamma btw. rude.) Is big enough now that a traditional bumper pad won't be such a hazard. They're necessary for my 7 month old because she prefers to sleep with her back smashed against something cushy. and doesn't realize that crib bars aren't naturally soft. she's been fantastic at turning her head away when she's not getting enough air for quite a while now..since around 2 months I think, so that's not a concern for us at all. plus, without them she likes to grab the bars and cry for us, all "I'M INNOCENT! I SWEAR!" and its too cute and too sad all at once to bear.

    trust your mommy instinct. if you feel the need for bumpers, use them. if you feel iffy about them, don't. you know best. just keep in mind, even the most snug bumpers have the smallest space that my Houdini of an older daughter always managed to find and stick her legs through..eventually we just figured out that she was comfy with her legs out the slats and removed the bumpers n she was happy. *shrug* whatever works for you guys!

  3. Also, I'm DYING to try the clarisonic MIA, but I'm too broke so I opted for the Olay knock off. I love it, which makes me think I'd love the MIA more. sigh. Also, boogie wipes are heaven sent. they're fabulous for boogery baby noses, but more than that they are AMAZIBG (<- that doesn't get auto corrected?! 'smart' phones. I tell ya!) for cleaning purses, shoes, and anything else that might get stained but not be able to go in the wash. I use them to get pen marks off my purses and diaper bags. They're awesome.

    Finally, you have the cutest family ever!! Not just you, jj and Gem either...your entire extended fam..everyone. cutest. ever. I should have just written my reply via a blog post. short and sweet is not my style ;)


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