Tuesday, September 11, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

happy little baby! thanks to great great aunt dot for the adorable onesie. 

LOLOLOLLLL can ya'll just see JJ wearing the K'Tan topless?! i died laughing at this.  

cozy Gemcake. thanks to great mimi for our favorite little outfit. 

Grandma, Gemstone and Cowbaby

G's favorite place to nap is in someone's arms (as evidenced below). we are trying to break her of that, but sometimes i get a little lonely during her naps so i have to sneak into her room to stare at her. 

snuggled up, hand in Mom's hair. 

Auntie C, cousin Natalie and Gem. hahahahhaa look at her little quivering lip.  

Bumbo! such a big girl! (yes, yes i know it was recalled. don't worry, i'm not a redneck who leaves her sitting in it on the counter while i watch Judge Judy in the other room). 

THIS. is great. Grandma, Pappy and all 16 grandchildren. in denim. ALLLLL denim. that's me, far right.  

Cleo & Gemma having floor time at Nannie & Bear's house. 

traveling with a baby is great because we get to board the plane first!  

go dodgers (thanks Nel for the LA bib!)

me and my nephew Marco sharing a seat in Grandma's overcrowded minivan. 

this is JJ's favorite picture of Gem. it makes him laugh every time he sees it, so he made it the background to his phone. which is a very big deal. i always tried to put a picture of me or Cleo as the background on his phone, but he always changed it back to a scenic view like an old man. Gemsicle is special. 

just chillin' in her bathrobe. 

meeting her cousin Natalie for the first time :)


  1. Damn, girl, but you have adorable nieces and nephews! (I'm slightly biased, I know!)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OMG I'm seriously so in love and obsessed with Gemma. she is by far the most adorable baby i have ever seen.

  4. Shut up with that robe, G! Love it!!

  5. I absolutely love Gemma's robe! Where did you get it?


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