Tuesday, September 18, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

she's so serious! those sweet cheeks. 

"TAKE ME TOO MOM!" says Cleo 

looks like a self-portrait. ahahahaha  

as my friend AZ (who bought Gem a bikini with cherries on it for next summer) said, "only a baby can wear cherries and not look like trash." 

Cleo snuggling with Bear 

never was there a truer diagram.

Cleo on her perch 

Nannie and Gemmie at the football game. (LOL at the shadow of my bunny phone case. you. guys. i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo (oooooooooooo) sad. here's why: i LOST the tail to my bunny phone case. i'm 100% depressed. and can't find where to buy a replacement tail). 

Go Huskies! i'm sorry to my Coug readers. really i could care less about Huskies vs Cougars. i wish Gonzaga had a football team. (fun fact: my parents met and fell in love at UW. awww) 

not thrilled about our early morning walk. isn't that the cutest little elfin hat you ever did see? my childhood friend and neighbor Kate gave it to Gemma. her sister makes them! you can buy your own here. (she is on vacations, but will be back!)

obsessed with these adorable buns. also, i'm on the hunt for a pair of baby skinny jeans with ruffles on the bum. i feel like they should exist, but i can't find them anywhereeeeeeeeee. 

this is so sad. this is the dead bastard. i feel so bad that i bad-mouthed him for so long. because he met his end this last weekend. and it looked as though he died of natural causes because there was no blood or mutilation. only yesterday i found the bastard's wife dead as a doornail in my driveway. but she had a black tarry substance coming out of her mouth. you guys. i think someone's poisoning the squirrels. and it's pissing me right off. as much as i hated the bastard and his wife for their terrorizing antics, i would never wish harm upon them. poor little things. SAVE THE SQUIRRELS MOVEMENT, anyone?? (note: after much deliberation, i decided not to touch their tails. even though it is a deep desire of mine to feel their fluffy behinds. wait, is that weird?)

 a typical morning at my house.


  1. That is so sad about those squirrels. My husband had always wanted to feel their tails too!!! Lol. And one time at Lake Tahoe he was feeding them and they got close enough to touch. He said they were soooo soft! :) lol

  2. You will always be a husky fan in my heart!!!

  3. The poor squirrels :( re: your phone case...shopjeen.com sells them. maybe they know where you can find a replacement tail? OR, you could go to Michael's and get a large pompom and hot glue it on?

  4. I have never met a pair of baby ruffle butt skinny jeans (which is strange and sad. they should be overly abundant.) BUT a friend of mine has an easy site called ruffle couture (http://www.etsy.com/shop/RuffleCouture) and I bet you she can make them for you!! :)

  5. i've always wanted to touch a furry squirrel tail myself, disturbing! anyways, go dawgs!


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