Thursday, October 18, 2012

football and a pot roast

coat: Betsey Johnson, dress: Zac Posen for Target, heels: Nine West

hahahah shut up L in the second pic. i'm so dumb. i wore this dress on mine and JJ's one-year anniversary. and i love this coat. my Mom got it for me.

i unknowingly bought a Kardashian nail polish yesterday. but i'm not even mad about it.

JJ is off running 20 miles this morning, soooooo obviously i'm chillin' in bed with Gemma and Cleo and a bag of chocolate covered peanuts.

and as if  running that far and long wasn't enough, JJ the Overachiever is making a pot roast (vommm) for a mini "dinner party" that he put together. LJ and her husband are coming over for the Seahawks game. football and a pot roast. my dream come true!

omg Cee Lo this morning on the Today show in his maroon leisure suit. dude gets it: comfort is key. 

you guys. I HAVE A FRIEND. a real, true, live mom friend. she is cute and young and funny and lovely and we spent almost 3 hours hanging out at Greenlake yesterday afternoon and it was fabulous. we walked, we watched the ducks, we ate some gravel, we nursed on a bench, we watched Cleo take a dump, we talked talked talked, we saw an unlawful fellow smoking pot, we changed a diaper, we had a blast. so so SO good to have a mom friend finally!

okay, gotta go. time to clean the house in 5-minute spurts and read Where Is the Green Sheep 800,000 times.


  1. I'm in love with the sleeves on your coat! :)

  2. Blogggggggg! ! I've checked a million times and no new post. Are you busy or something? Haha

  3. I know! What the heck? I look forward to reading this every day and you're making me actually do WORK. ;)

  4. where are you!? lol same. it is my escape from work. lol

  5. Who the hell is that ^ ? Creeper fo sho


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