Wednesday, October 17, 2012


dress: Target, heels: Steve Madden


1. this dress was a gift from KKiss. she put together the cutest little "new mom" gift bag for me when i was in the hosptal...homemade cookies, chapstick, soft tee shirts, mints and this pretty dress! something to look forward to fitting into after baby. so sweet.

2. 54,638 of my hairs have fallen out in the last month. i'm balding. i'll be a geriatric man in no time.

3. i took Cleo to the vet (OMG CLEO AT THE VET? AREN'T YOU SURPRISED?!) on monday because she was obsessively licking an inflamed, red bump on her paw. turns out it was a piece of cheeatgrass that was stuck in between her toes. a $170 piece of cheatgrass. lfjslakdfjjlkad she was drugged, had a mini surgery and the vet removed the cheatgrass. then she got home, threw up and curled up in my lap. she spent the next three hours drooling on my legs in her narcotic-induced daze. best afternoon i've had in years.

4. i asked JJ if he sings and dances while he runs. he said, "no, but i high five stop signs."

5. my dad bought Gemma these boots because they have the word "bear" in the brand name. hahahaha but seriously. what is cuter than baby leggings tucked into fluffy baby boots? NOTHING

6. a post office worker almost made me cry. i bought a book of stamps, put the stamps on my letters and handed my letters to him. he was extremely annoyed that i wanted him, the post office worker, to take my posted mail. he sighed heavily, stared at me and said, "ooooookay. i guess i'll take these." and i was like "oh, was i supposed to put them somewhere else?" and he said, "i'm going to put them in the same mailbox out there that everyone else is using." OMG WHAT AN ASS. he embarrassed me. but really though, isn't it his job to take my letters? why can't i ever just meet a nice fat, jolly postman like in the movies? 

7. Gone Girl is such a smartly written book. but ohmygod. it's so creepy.

8. i learned about the four temperaments. interesting stuff! and i'm definitely sanguine with a little choleric in case you were wondering.

9. my baby won't sleep during the day. SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

10. JJ went to Spokane on saturday to run a half marathon on sunday and he brought me back a SF sourdough sandwichhhh my faveeeeee! he came in the door and presented it to me and i ran over to him and jumped into his arms and shouted, "MY HEROOO!"and JJ puffed out his chest and looked very proud. ...but something was missing. i'll tell you what was missing: HALF OF MY SANDWICH. he had eaten his own sandwich and during through the trip home, he got hungry and ate half of mine. i mean, is that just so typical?! c'monnnnnn.


  1. OMG Gone Girl! I literally read it in 8 hours. So chilling.

  2. my hair is all falling out too. my bathroom trash can in basically just a bucket of my sad, once-full head of hair. and it looks so gross. and my ponytail is like 1" in diameter. and grandpas are basically the cutest thing ever. my dad always brings joony little kid tee shirts from the airport that say "san diego!' or "LA!!" or "san francisco!" on them and they are HUUUGE and won't fit joony for like 5 more years but i love that he gets them.

  3. my hair is STILL falling out and c baby is 10 months old :( hopefully that stops before we both go bald :) That book is SO freaky but I couldn't put it down!

  4. hahahaha oh my gosh. I still can't believe the $170 chunk of cheatgrass!!! What a paiiiiin. K, also- my hair fell out A TON after Jax was born. Now it's like 4 in. and sticks out all over my head. I should have shown you today. I felt like I was going bald too. But you won't. It will stop. PS I stopped at TJ Maxx on my way home cause I had like 30 min. to kill and OMGSH...CUTE STUFFFF!! You're right :)

  5. Oh my gosh you are just hilarious. This makes me laugh so hard. I love this 'lil blog :)


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