Thursday, October 11, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

ohhhhh Thor the Viking. 
i went to my old high school gym to watch my sister coach volleyball. and it still brings back strong memories of early morning drill team practice. 

you guys. i made polenta. i fried it and the hot oil popped out of the pan and singed my delicate eyebrow skin. and also that spot under my eye. and also it got on my hand. and i had a good panic attack about it. i told my sister-in-law about it later and she said, "why didn't you just go to trader joe's and buy the already made polenta?" and i said, "...i did. i did buy the already made polenta." 

JJ's grandpa and Gemma. 

Gemcake and Nannie and Bear by the pool in California 

Gemma's baptism day. isn't that a nice family picture? no? you think i look a little...i don't know...weird? let's zoom in on my face, shall we? 

WTF IS THAT?! NO SERIOUSLY, WHAT. IS. THAT?!?! AM I WEARING A GOD DAMNED HILLBILLY HALLOWEEN COSTUME?!?!!?!? LOOK AT MY JANGLY TEETH AND THE CELLULITE IN MY CHEEK AND MY NOSE SHADOW AND--DO I REALLY NEED TO GO ON??? just please. this was the only picture of the three of us that was taken on little baby's baptism day. and of course she looks adorably perfect and JJ is handsome and suave and debonaire looking. it's a shame i couldn't PULL IT TOGETHER for a nice family photo. c'monnnnnn L sladkjfklsadjfl;hadsjklfa

Gem & Bear

look at that little dolllllllll!

Pat the Bunny! classic. thanks to Auntie Sarah, Uncle Sanjin and cousins M&M. 

3 galz hangin' 

great, great Uncle Bishop Joe and Gemsicle in THAT GOWN OMG I DIE 

love this one. 

more baptism. with one of her godmothers Auntie Sarah. 

Big Gemsie Bear in her highchair!  

family pic on the plane. we barely made our flight because of terrible Seattle traffic, so we ran through the airport all bat shit crazy just like the family in Home Alone.

hydrangeas from my Mimi's yard.

BoBo & Jack. i found this picture while i was digging around in a drawer searching for a necklace. childhood dogs whom i loved. even though BoBo ate the gingerbread house i made in 7th grade, and Jack ate my 16th birthday ice cream cake. 

Gemstone & my Mimi 

the bear in Mimi's bathroom whose only purpose in life is to quite appropriately scare the poop out of unsuspecting bathroom patrons. i hate him.  

the. cutest. 

 first taste of rice cereal! i think she looks like me a little bit in this one.


  1. Your baby is the cutest. And I love the photo of her being baptised.

  2. first, i love how you make fun of yourself. i don't care what you say though, you look GORG in that photo. and yes to baptism photos...too cute.


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