Tuesday, October 16, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

pardon the mess. really that's just embarrassing. sigh. well, the Bottle Battle continues. she hates them. we thought we had found one she liked but nooooo. she was over it in about 2 days. so i researched. and researched. because she really needs to learn how to take a bottle! and i found the Comotomo. IT'S A MIRACLE BOTTLE YOU GUYS! it literally looks and feels like a boob. all big and soft and squishy. it's the bottle for breastfed babies who refuse bottles. and Gemsicle actually likes it. SHE DOES! she really does. so exciting! (my old self would have considered a concert to be exciting. now it's bottles. WHO AM I?!)

just a normal text conversation with JJ.  

she was prancing in her sleep. omg it was so cute! 

 trees in Seattle get sweaters in the fall!

squirrel underwear. i almost bought a pair for the Bastard Terrorist Squirrel for Christmas. then i remembered he is dead.

Edward Cullen weather.

hilarious bib from my friend Min. 

Cleo and Gem both wanted snuggles from Mom. 

 LJ and i went to get Pho and popped into the Asian market next door. they had hello pandas, which are my sister MM's favorite treat. so i bought some and took all these pics to patronize her. hahahahhaa so mature.


  1. I seriously get the same pandas at the $1 spot in Target every freaking time I am there! So delish!!

  2. O.M.G! your text picture...that is exactly how mine and cams texts go! im so happy im not the only one


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