Thursday, November 1, 2012


Gemma's first Halloween! she was so cute as a strawberry. we had a blind lunch date with a sweet Mom and her darling baby girl that my friend Sam set up for us, and of course Gem screamed the entire time, and the other Nordstrom cafe patrons stared at me (cue embarrassment sweats) while the other baby sat like a Princess Angel in her carseat smiling. i ordered soup and the three bites i actually got to eat (because of The Shouting Gemma) caused my nose to run, so i had a permanent trail of snot from my nostrils to my upper lip. i mean GET IT TOGETHER, L. the poor Mom probably thought i was a total crazytrain. can i ever just be normal?! nope, the answer is nope.

we picked up JJ from work and went to LJ and Chria Milker's house where a fancy meal was prepared (LJ is becoming quite the Martha in the kitchen!) she even bought special Halloween wine. STOP IT LJ! she's too good. we stayed just long enough to eat before Gemma became:


then we headed home where there were THRONGS OF TRICK-OR TREATERS ON OUR BLOCK. and we didn't have any candy because of the anticlimactic Halloween we had in CA two years ago (last year, Halloween was my last day of work. weird. we didn't celebrate. my sister M and i ate Spaghetti factory while i watched her pack up my shit for the move hahahha).  anyway, so last night when we saw the trick-or-treaters by the hundreds, we snuck in the back of our house and kept all the lights off so they wouldn't come-a-knockin'. isn't that terrible of us? Then my cousin and his gf came over and brought pumpkin cheesecake bites (OMG) and yet another pair of adorable shoes for Gemstone. it was a lovely little Halloween.

and Gemmaberry was the cutest! the cutest baby in the whole wide worlddddddddd! becauseisaidso.


  1. I love the #madberry photo! too cute!

  2. Um, she is a DOLL!! So very cute, I love that you called her Gemmaberry for halloween! Adorable! Also, I can appreciate the Clark Griswold quote comin' back at me! LOVE IT!!

  3. I agree, your little strawberry is just too adorable! It's those skinny little legs poking out of her strawberry suit. To die for!

  4. Replies
    1. yes LJ: RC. your husband's initials. jsdhajdhhahahahahahaa you fool. but i like his nickname Chria Milker better.

  5. OH. MY. GOSH. GEMMAAA! I love the madberry! hahahahaha. Can't wait to hear more about the lunch date...hahaha.


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