Monday, November 5, 2012

sandimama, shopping and poopy legs, OHMY!

sometimes you just have a weekend that flies by and leaves you exhausted yet fulfilled. (that sounded so insightful, no?) and for all i know, JJ might have flown to China and back. i literally didn't see him until yesterday afternoon, when he horrified me with the fu manchu he grew while i was gone.

Saturday morning my Mom and sisterM stopped by to bring me my car (WHICH, by the way, no longer smells like moldy champagne from that one time in college when i spilled a whole bottle in the backseat (THANKS DAD FOR HAVING IT DETAILED!)) and have breakfast! i presented them with warm, homemade banana nut muffins from the box, orange slices, apple cider and coffee. Gemstone and i were all ready to go at precisely 9:32 a.m., when my Mom pointed out a low tire. ladskjfjlskdf and just as we were getting into the car i dumped my coffee all over my dress like a fool and had to go inside and start over on my outfit. then we went to the gas station to fill up my tire with air. and finally, we were off at 10:04 a.m. off to spoil Sandimama at her baby shower, followed by an afternoon of indulgence. (so sad we had to miss Nel's shower, though. same day, over in the Tri Cities. we celebrated you and Baby Boy from afar, Nel! love you!)

the shower was fun and obviously i CRUSHED the "name that children's show character" game and won a potholder and dishtowel with cats on them. hellyes. then i dropped Gemma off at Mimi's house while Rah and i took the pregnant lady for a pedicure.

Sandimama (as her glass reads) had sparkling peach juice, while Rah and i shared some of the world's finest champagne, Andre. (when will we learn that cheap champagne will make your mouth taste like poop and cotton balls for 24 hours?!) we bought Sandimama a scarf because a scarf always fits, even when you're 7 months pregnant. AMIRIGHT?! and we had the loveliest 2-hour girlchat ever in life.

chug it, mama! (you guys calm down. that's the bottle of sparkling peach juice, not the champagne)

then we went back to Mimi's to pick up an agitated and irritable baby. Mimi and Papa said she cried the entire time i was gone. ohhhh that little #mamasgirl. we waited around their house until our dinner reservation (if you ever find yourself in Olympia, Washington: OMFG LEMONGRASS IS THE SHIT. THE HONEY WALNUT SHRIMP. you.will.die). we continued our girlchat and Gemma actually behaved pretttttty decently (!!!) while i ate. it was such a perfect day!

then we dropped Sandimama off and i took Rah to the airport where we relaxed in the cell phone parking lot until it was time for her flight to leave. then the Gemster and i drove home.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early once again! JJ went golfing and Gem and i got ready for a Christmas Shopping Date with KKiss, LJ and her sister and Mom. baby was dressed and ready to go,  when i smelled a Terrible Smell. and discovered:

so, that's why i was late.

we went Christmas shopping where i only bought ONE bracelet for myself and ONE pair of fabulous clown socks for JJ and NO things for the baby and SEVEN CHRISTMAS PRESENTS DONE AND COMPLETED AND OUT OF THE WAY. seven people you guys. in fifteen minutes. it was a Christmas Miracle. i applaud myself thoroughly.

me and my bff.

then Gemma puked in Juicy Couture and LJ stepped in it. and then it was time to eat unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks.

we ate, said goodbye to LJ and her family, then we went to my house and KKiss watched the football game with JJ (bughlllghghhhhhhh) then she went home. JJ and i had poor man's pho for dinner (top ramen, sriracha and whatever vegetables you have in your fridge), we put Gemmaberry to bed, partook in two vicious rounds of Phase10 and it was OUTCOLD at 9:15 p.m.

the end. i hope your weekend was just as wonderful as mine!


  1. That sounds like a fun, busy weekend!

  2. what kind of wrap is that that you're using? Moby? and, once again, you have me cracking up.

  3. Look at Mary showing off her brand new engagement pretty!

  4. It was the BEST TIME! You ladies spoil me & the.bump. We're SO lucky! Love that the cider boozing pic is totally blur- maybe the sober one should be clicking pics ;) ha! PS- please post on Guy Fieri. (I want a play by play!)


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