Wednesday, November 14, 2012

see JJ run


so we went to southern California on friday (Gem screamed. GEM. SCREAMED. the entire flight) for JJ's marathon. he chose the Malibu Marathon and it was gorgeous. it started just a few minutes from his parents' house and ended in Zuma Beach. he chose to sport the movember mustache for the race and i cannot even imagine the annoyance of that thing flapping in the wind for 26.2 miles.

saturday morning we woke up and went to the expo to pick up JJ's number and a marathon sweatshirt. and Gemma started making a very weird noise. like a wheezing sound. so obviously i freaked out and we took her to a pediatric urgent care center and they listened to her lungs and heart and of course she is fine. just a new noise she likes to patronize her mother with. we went to lunch with JJ's friend, and then the Gemster and i made our ceremonious trip to Anthropologie with his mom. when we got home JJ ran up to me all excitedly, "MAMA I GOT YOU SOMETHING AT THE OUTLET MALL! .......well, actually i got myself something that you will really like." it was a hat. how kind.

that night we all carbed up in honor of the runners and went to bed. JJ slept alone in the opposite end of the house from Gemma and me so as not to be disturbed by her crying. 

and sunday morning everyone woke up at 5:30. JJ and Sanjin ate some bananas, secured their nipple guards and applied anti-chafe cream on their manly bits and they were off. the rest of us got ready and met them along the course!

 Sanjin with his wife (JJ's sister) and kids running along side him offering water and support

Matteo, me and Gemstone waiting for the guys! 


the fan club

high fives for their Dad!

JJ the finisher. he chose to collapse in front of the port-a-potties. when i kindly asked him if we could change locations, he shouted, "NO L! NO! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I'M TIRED?!"
other things that came out of his mouth in those first 10 minutes:
"don't talk to me L."
"i hate this."
"my legs are dead."
"i am never. running a marathon again."
"get me another fruit cup, dammit."

getting organized for the picture 

 at Zuma with his girls and his medal and his beach towel (beach towels instead of tshirts. how very Malibu of them). our friend Chria Milker said, "with the filter of this picture and JJ's mustache, this looks like a picture from the 70s" hahahahaa

 get it Matteo.
the tshirts and onesie i made for the little kidlets! 

then Sanjin went to the medical tent and barfed. bulghhhhhhhhh you won't ever find me running a marathon. ever. we went for a celebratory meal of JJ's choosing (i.e. a meat house) and spent the afternoon with his family. his sister and brother came over and we celebrated the birthday of our almost-sister-in-law LLiscious.

then on monday we packed up and headed home. and Gem screamed on that flight as well. when we landed a woman on the plane said to us, "wow, she's got a set of lungs on her!" thanks, asshole. thanks a lot. and there was a girl on our flight who also ran the marathon and she was limping painfully through the airport in Seattle. on the other hand, JJ was practically skipping through the airport with a spritely gait. you'd have never known he ran a marathon the day before. crazy guy.

we are so proud of our favorite guy in the world! way to go JJ! and now he wants to qualify for Boston, so is planning his next marathon. Gemmaberry and i are trying to talk him and my Mom into running the one in Disneyworld together. MICKEY HERE WE COME!


  1. There are so many times i've wanted to take Parker to the hospital because she was making weird sounds...or something else was happening that freaked me out. My husband however tries to talk some sense into me. lol

  2. I would also never run a marathon, but I have nothing but admiration for those that do! That being said, his post marathon comments TOTALLY made me laugh! Sounds like an eventful trip!

  3. I am still so jealous you guys were in CA this weekend! The shirts turned out perfect. hahaha and screaming babies on flights are SO fun. lol not.


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