Thursday, November 22, 2012


happy thanksgiving. look at these gals, just hanging out, soaking up the sunshine in the grass. i just love them!

last night JJ had a nightmare and began shouting loudly, which startled the baby awake. and then she started shouting too. and then the dog started growling. and i yelled "NOOOOO" into the darkness in an exasperated and desperate tone amongst the mayhem. and thus began a Terrible Night Of Sleep. 

and this morning Cleo barfed all over my in-laws' house. because what holiday would be complete without Cleo barfing in inappropraite places?

i am thankful for my favorite hubblestiltskins and my favorite baby and my favorite pooch. and all of my other favorite people.

but really, this morning i am extra thankful that it's 2012 and i have the luxuries of clorox wipes and coffee and makeup and stretchy pants to make my life easier.

1 comment:

  1. My dog used to barf All.The.Time! Then I switched his food to wheat free. Now, he rarely ever barfs! Maybe worth a shot?


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