Monday, November 26, 2012


we have been having a fabulous time in southern California. except that every two years, it's JJ's family tradition to go to the USC vs Notre Dame game. last time we went, i successfully snuck Cleo into the Coliseum in a 1984 size XXL Notre Damn puffy coat. one of my prouder moments, actually. not proud, however, was i of drinking the two keg cups full of wine that day.
anyway, even though i wore the same t-shirt as the last two times i've gone (the one that reads "sports suck."), this was a new year and we had a new family member to share the excitement with! (who was also my scapegoat. i.e. "i would LOVE to go to the game, but ol Gemmerjams needs to go home and get to bed.") so i got to partake in the tailgate, but was lucky enough to avoid the game altogether. fabulous.
family and food and friends were all there and it was also hot as a sweaty nutsack. and G puked up butternut squash all over her ND onesie, and all i had in the diaper bag was a warm hoodie, a fresh diaper and a copy of If I Were a Duck. so the baby spent the better part of the day naked. whatevs.
Cleo and i both desperately in need of bang trims.
*sidenote: Gemma likes the Ella's Kitchen baby food better than the kind i've been making her. which is unfortunate because those damn things cost like $800 a pop. plus i was kind of offended. like, c'mon Gemma, i was REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF for making your food for you. how dare you spit out my pureed carrots with distain, but gobble up Ella's pureed carrots with pureed excitement. little snob.
but really though, if the baby wants Ella's, we'll buy her the god damned Ella's. whatevs. 
naked cuteness.
we left JJ and the men to enjoy the football, and the girls GTFOOT. on the way home from the game it was still roasting hot, so we placed little princess in the girlie pink throne of a carseat that Grandma bought especially for her trips to California and she promptly passed out. 

when we got home, Gem and Cleo and i all took a shower to wash the grime of the city off of us and went to bed at 7 p.m. then we spent the night waking up every hour just to shoot the shit. sleep is SO overrated. whatevs.

the next morning as we were eating breakfast and gulping coffee, we were starrled by Grandma's screaming. that she had stepped in a Cleo turd. whatevs.


  1. You're a good sport, dear sis-in-law...pun intended!

  2. tailgaiting is always the fun part! good job! also, I saw the Honest diapers on your gal. So cute. We love them over here, too! :)

  3. cant. stop. laughing at this post. poor gramma.

  4. hahahaha "sports suck" is the most perfect shirt!!! and the rest of your story is hilarious, as your stories always are!! I am proud of you too for making homemade baby food! I never even got my thing out of the box! So seriously, good job.

  5. Love this! So hilar! Gemma is a doll! Love her lil skull diaper and necklace ;)

  6. Betcha Ella uses real, big, unpeeled carrots instead of those awful little peeled ones in a bag at the supermarket.

    From the interfering Great-Mimi


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