Thursday, November 15, 2012

what's inside my brain

jeans: J Brand, sweater: TJ Maxx, scarf: UO, booties: Kelsi Dagger

1. my MOTHER is coming! she's on her way right now! with Lola666 and Cleobaby whom she and my Dad have been taking care of for us since we left for California. she will babysit Gemma tonight while JJ and i go to the RHCP concert! we are so wild and crazy going to a concert on a weeknight.

2. my sister's bachelorette party is this weekend. to buy penis maracas or not to buy penis maracas, that is the imperative question of the hour.

3. my darling and hilarious momfriend who endangered my bank account this morning with her text of "everything at Anthropologie is 20% off right now at U Village" opened up an ETSY SHOP. and she's stupidly talented. i'm really picky about headbands for Gemcake, but hers are just the perfect amount of cuteness without being barfy flower overload. i already bought this one and this one.

4. are any of you hot bitches Wenning? Rah was telling me about it and now i'm thinking i want to give it a try! reviews, please.

5. you know what is really annoying? how AESTHETICALLY UNAPPEALING the damn jumperoo is. i hate how shiny and colorful and harsh and made-in-China it is. but alas, Gemmie loves it. 

6. my new fat rhinestone bracelet. i cannot even express how obsessed Gemma is i am with it. i first saw it on my friend from college and then i saw it for sale in real life at the j.crew factory store and i snatched it right up and haven't taken it off since.

7. THIS BOOK is changing my life one scheduled nap at a time. thanks for the recommendation sister-in-law E! 

8. Xtina. the pink afro. just please. no. i can't. I CAN'T.

9. there are creatures living within the walls of my house. i think they are mice and now i want to die because i don't want to deal with that shit.



  1. Girl - the pink fro killed me too! I couldnt help thinking she had a poodle tied to her head the whole episode! Ugh. No.

  2. I'm wenning and I love it. Won't go back to regular pooing again. I use the pomegranate...and whatever the seasonal scent is. So wonderful. I can actually go a day between washes (dirrty? I ain't saves me time!) it's a tad on the expensive side, but totally worth it. and here's my embarrassing plug - watch for it on QVC (yes, I'm like a grammers and sit around watching QVC...don't hate) because they have the best prices on it.

  3. You're welcome for the recommendation--I just unearthed my copy to use with Nora Louise. sleep deprived. I'm in LOVE with Gemmie-bear's smirk. I need to see her!!

  4. must share details of that book! my baby girl used to sleep great and is now waking up every two hours! ugh!

  5. Alas, I find the jumperoo hideous as well. My little guy is almost 3 months and I am not looking forward to displaying it in my home. I hunted high and low to find one that was remotely appealing - they don't exist. Why is there no Snugabunny jumperoo??? Sigh...

  6. FINALLY, I am a hot bitch! Well, almost. My Wen in currently flying through the postal air to my doorstop. My BFF swears by it, I CANNOT wait to get that shizzle in my hair.

  7. okay...
    #1. I didn't know the concert was tonight!!!! I remember you telling me your mom was coming but I totally forgot it was because of the concert! Duh! Um...sorry about my obnoxious stocking text! lol but...DID YOU SEE THEM? omgsh.

    #2. It is so weird you brought up Wen because I saw an infomercial a long time ago for that and was just thinking about it and wondering if anyone had used it because I need new shampoo.

    #3. hope you guys had fun tonight!

  8. Love the Weissbluth book. Don't feel bad about letting them cry a little. LOVE YOUR BLOG. :) have a great day.

  9. UUUGH DITTO on the jumperoo. my sister has one that joony played in when we visited home and he LOVED the massive thing. we have a johnny jump up, which he loves *almost* as much and you can pull it off the doorway and throw in a closet when they're not jumping...but really, that jumperoo is like baby crack. they just can't get enough. also, what is wenning?


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