Wednesday, November 28, 2012

what's on L's phone?

a day late and a dollar short.

checkin out the window with her cowbaby 

Cleo and her cousin Mo (JJ calls her Mo Money Mo Problems) wrestling. 

Christmas shopping! 

sleep. training. #gothefucktosleep.

how i feel about sleep training

thanksgiving! and now that this picture is all big on my computer screen, i am unfortunately noticing how transvestite-y i look. 

Cleo throws up on every major holiday. the stress! it's all too much to handle. after her thanksgiving morning vomit, she went straight to JJ's suitcase and snuggled up for a nap. it was so cute.

a hilarious and unintentional placement of the pacifier. kitty is a boy, i guess. hahahsdjkfkajdfhahaha 

Red Hot Chili Peppers! #californication

the girls at the beach! #northfacebarf

Nannie & Gemsie Bear

who needs a bumbo when you have a Lola666?

peach schnapps for my sister's bachelorette party bellinis!

i made MARTHA STEWART goat cheese and sun-dried tomato crostini for the bachelorette party. (i mean, i'm SO baller). Gemsie kept grabbing the bread scraps and sucking them.  

the bachelorette.  

her new favorite thing is grabbing a face and shoving it into her mouth.


  1. Cutest baby EVER! And you're too hilar...I snorted at the "transvestite-y" comment...hahaha!! Completely NOT TRUE...but still so funny!

    Styled By The Moon

  2. do you work with gemma on standing up?? joony is the laziest thing ever, his legs just fold under him like licorice vines unless he's in his jumpy chair!! and he's almost EIGHT months! my theory is that he got super fat super fast (he's like 25 lbs) and now he doesn't know how to manage all that chunk. also, how is sleep training going?? what are you guys doing? we're on 7.5 months of 4 hour stretches and we might kill joony. or each other. just kidding. but we are so tired ::sobbing:: i just can't do the cry it out thing but i don't know what else to doooo!!! HELP ME L!!!

  3. Hey, I found your blog while I was preggo and I just love reading it! You make me lol when I read your entries, which makes my husband look at me funny and then I have to explain myself, but it's worth it. My daughter is about a month younger than yours so it's fun to see how she's doing. I just had to comment on this one because my daughter's latest thing is grabbing both sides of my face and trying to stuff it into her mouth too! Hilarious and scary at the same time since she has a mighty grip.


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