Friday, December 7, 2012

baby christmas

baby Christmas shopping is the most fun

1. Green Toys Stacking Cups such cute colors and fun shapes.
2. Jungly Tails book jellycat books are our faves--all the different textures are thrilling for tiny hands.
3. Fleur the Bunny but all the BlaBla dolls are adorrrrrrrable.
4. obviously every child needs a rubber duck!
5. sweet little dump truck (such an oxymoron)
6. Uncle Goose classic blocks so cute. and they come in a plethora of languages! 
7. from the makers of Sophie the Giraffe, comes a weird little alien teething creature named Chan
8. baby Uggs are the cutest Uggs
9. we are recycling the Life Factory bottles she hated by adding the sippy cup lids. totally a great space taker-upper in her stocking.

what are you getting your babies for Christmas? 


  1. Love jellycat books- just grabbed one for a Xmas gift. Yay for puppy tails! Been eyeing those blocks on Gilt too- tempting!

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  3. Its time for the kids to buy some new toys!! of course they are had enough with the old ones LOL..


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