Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in the Northwest...

jeans/hat: Gap, tee: Old Navy, sweater: Love Couture Boutique in Selah!

is a gift God wrapped in greeeeen! don't you just love that song?

well Christmas is over. and i'm sad. SADSADSAD. Gemsie Bear was just so cute in her little elfin tights and ate all the wrapping paper and her favorite gift was the set of Uncle Goose blocks that JJ got her. AND she got a big girl car seat from Nannie and Bear so she is officially not an infant *tear*

we had a wonderfully white Christmas in Suncadia! which is where my sister CA GOT MARRIED LAST WEEKEND and it was so fun and she was so pretty in her beautiful dress and it was just a perfect lovely winter wonderland of a day. and we quoted the Grinch all night like the bunch of weirdos we are. IT'S BECAUSE I'M GREEN, ISN'T IT?! hahaahaa 

but sadly, JJ's dear Grandma died and her funeral was on the same day CA got married. JJ went to California for the funeral and i went to the wedding. it was a very happy and sad day all rolled into one. we miss you, Grandma Madeleine! 

and also i went snowshoeing on Christmas Eve. just please. i have this thing called FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. and well, EVERYONEEEEE was going. and i just didn't want to be left out. i only fell once. and then on Christmas morning i couldn't walk because i pulled my groin muscle and was terribly sore from my adventure. 

then my Mom got the flu on Christmas and so we were like WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! MOM IS SICK BUT SHE'S THE ONE WHO MAKES ALL THE PLANS! so we just hung around watching Christmas movies all day. and Christmas dinner was made by my sister MM...a delicious feast of macaroni and grapes. and that night my sister CA's kitten Mabel snuck into our room, bit JJ on the wiener and farted in our bed. so, that was fun.

and yesterday i met up with my oldest friends Ty and Tara and their beautiful families and Gemma played with children and it was so great to see them! and then my dumb ass got stuck in their snowy driveway and so Ty had to come out and save me. and then when JJ, Gemma, Cleo and i were leaving my parents' house to come back home, we got stuck in their snowy driveway. AYE YI YI! so my Dad had to come out and save us. and now we are like MOTHERFUDGE THIS. WE ARE GETTING AN SUV WITH 4-WHEEL DRIVE. 

usually this post-Christmas month is a sad time of year for me. BUT we have a baby to hang out with this year. she's pretty fun. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, my friend Sam is here visiting! she's downtown right now doing lawyer-y things (i dropped her off in my jammies with the baby in the car and shouted out the window "HAVE A GOOD WORK DAY HONEY!") so i'll have time to clean the house and do some laundry before i pick her up. 

and that is what's going on in the life of L. 


  1. I need pictures of Gemmsie Bear...please!

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