Wednesday, December 19, 2012


skirt: BCBG, top: Anna Sui for Target, heels: Paolo, bag: Badgley Mischka via TJ Maxx

SSSNNNOOOWWW! and chilly legs. 

we're running around like a bunch of apes (no really, i'm wearing my black fur vest SO I REALLY LOOK LIKE AN APE!) trying to get organized for this intensely busy weekend. 

and also OMG GEMSICLE IS GROWING HER FIRST TOOTH AND I JUST WANT TO SMILE AND LOOK AT IT ALL DAYYYY except she gets really annoyed when i shove my fingers in her mouth to get a better peek. it's so tiny and cute. and apparently satsuma orange peels feel good on the tiny tooth?? because that's all she wants. 

tonight Gemsie is going to have a party with my cousin and his gf while JJ and i go to the CRACKER OF NUTSSSSSS! it's a bit of a tradition. JJ and i have been together for 6 (SIX OMG) years and he always takes me to the nutcracker because that's what he did on our 1 year dating anniversary. isn't he just the cutest?? i always sit on the edge of my seat and wish i was Clara. and JJ always falls asleep before the nutcracker even comes to life. 

ps don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway if you haven't already


  1. I have yet to see the nutcracker and I've tried to go every year since I was sixteen. So sad huh? BTW I'm sooooo jealous you have snow and it looks like you have an amazing neighborhood (Kinda creepy, huh? I'm sorry. I swear I'm not. But those trees are amazing!)

  2. I'm SO jealous of your snow- all we got was big, nasty rain that led to atrocious hair 3 UG :( Unfortunately I'm with JJ- the Nutcracker lulls me right to sleep, ha! :)


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