Monday, December 31, 2012

fur vests for two on this new year's eve

the snow is proving to you what a cheat i am. this pic was taken two weeks ago (um, by the way: don't you feel like a panther is going to jump out of that black abyss there behind us??) but really this is what we are were going to wear tonight. then our plans changed and now we are going to be outside and freezing our asses off, so we need winter gear instead.

but really though, isn't NYE the most perfect time for a tulle tutu skirt and a fur vest? we think so! (also, i feel like this skirt looked 100% more awesome when i was pregnant).

today is semi back to normal and as i sit here writing thank you notes for our Christmas presents, i can't help but get a bit teary-eyed at the enormous generosity of my friends and family who were all so thoughtful and loving, and who all helped make Gemma's first Christmas such a memorable one. (GOD DAMMIT UNCLES CHUNKLE & NATE WE MISSED YOU! HOW RUDE OF YOU TO TAKE YOUR HONEYMOON! fyi. uncle chunkle is what we call my sister CA. no really, she likes it).  and this weekend we head to southern California to have our Little Christmas with JJ's family (a mini celebration after the real Yule passes) and i mean COME ON. how lucky are we? to be so full to the brim of such wonderful people in our lives? i'm just so grateful...omg L. like, WHAT is the deal? i'm so emotional! (everyone calm down, i didn't pull a Jessica Simpson. just feeling sappy and lovey dovey is all) and on that note: i wanted to extend a big fat Congratulations! to my friend Nel who had her beautiful baby boy on Christmas Day! we are both mothers! and to think just 1.5 short years ago we were getting drunken tattoos in Palm Springs by a man named "Dollar." oh how the time does fly...

and now on to the new year's resolutions:

1. kindness. KINDNESS.
2. stop saying "fuck" in front of the baby
3. pinch JJ's behind more often. he's got a nice one.
4. send more cards. snail mail. to the people i love.
5. run a 5K. (!!!!!!!!) YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. RUN A 5K. but not just any 5K. A DISNEYLAND 5K YOU GUYS! HOLY SHIT I'M SO EXCITED I COULD DIE! me and JJ and Gemma will all run it together. and just to show off, JJ is running the half marathon the next day. i even got new tennis shoes for Christmas because JJ made fun of me and said my old ones looked like they were from the 80s.

have fun tonight. and don't drink and drive.



    1. B. if anyone were to write about Disney diarrhea, it would be me. Of this, I am sure. Hahahahahahahahhahaha

  2. Happy new year! Where'd you get the cute shoes in that pic?

  3. You two are just the cutest in your matching vests! Happy new year! :)

  4. Oooh, send me a card! I will write back to you and we can be penpals!

    1. LET'S DO IT! send your address to me:! :)


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