Thursday, December 6, 2012

what's inside my brain

1. my friend Rah took this pic on my friend Sand's fancy schmancy camera. i sort of look like i'm sneezing or something--BUT LOOK AT THE BAYYYYBEEEEE. omg. i just love it. Rah sent it in to Baby K'Tan and they posted it on their facebook page. we're famous! hahh.

2. i've been playing rummikub with my mom like every day for the past week. it's so fun. i love that game. i'm really good at kicking her ass.

3. Re: garbage day: you know when you unintentionally wait until the next day--or even *GASP* two days later to take your cans in? it's the worst. and you sort of shuffle out sheepishly with your head down, grab the cans and run back to your house quickly so as not to catch a glimpse of disdain from your neighbor. because there is ALWAYS A NEIGHBOR WATCHING when you're doing the Garbage Can Walk of Shame. and then the week when you actually take your cans in just as the garbage truck is driving away, you puff your chest out all proud, walk with your snooty little nose in the air and LAH-TEE-DAH grab your cans with gusto and smile a very boastful smile so ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS CAN SEE YOU and of COURSE no one is around to show off for. just terrible luck. and since you were right on time this week, you become all judgy and do a *tsk*tsk* to the guy two doors down for leaving his cans out past dark. has this happened to you? yes? AMIRIGHT?!

4. my friend Moon and i bought each other THE SAME EXACT gift for Christmas. isn't that hilarious?! we both knew we'd just adore the Band of Outsiders Best Friends hats from the Target + Neiman Marcus collaboration.

5. Chanel slept in my bed all night. ALL NIGHT! she misses me. we snuggled and snuggled. it was so romantic. and this morning i woke up to her pouncing on my arm. why, you ask? BECAUSE SHE WAS TRYING TO CATCH A BUG. A BUG. that was crawling ON MY ARM while i was INSIDE MY BED. i jolted out of the sheets with a screech and ran out of the room. and now Chanel is ignoring me because she's mad that i scared her. such a step backwards in our relationship.

6. i'm really glad i don't live in a nudist colony. i just really like clothes.

7. marijuana is legal in Washington. starting today. crazy. Snoop Dogg is totally moving to the evergreen state now. so here is an anecdote: one time i went to a party in college wearing my most favorite scarf in the whole entire world that was cream colored and like 3 miles long and so cool (but tragically fell out of my purse in the Spokane Valley mall and i never saw it again) and when i got home, my friend Moon was like "wait, L. what is that?" and i was like "WHAT???" and she pulled a giant bud of weed from my scarf. and we laughed for days. because my scarf had accidentally stolen like $50 worth of marijuana from someone. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

8. where the mother F is the snow?!

9. Essie's bordeaux is THE best color for the season. i'm obsessed. it's a nice, rich blood-red. gorgeous. i even painted my Grandma's nails that color and plan on doing my Mom's toenails tonight.

10. my brother-in-law Chase introduced me to this website: AHHHH! an aquarium coffee table. MAGIC WAND TV REMOTE! wristwatch post-it notes. A GOD DAMN FLYING DOLPHIN POWER BOAT YOU GUYS! I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE. i want everything.


  1. You are right about that website... now I pretty much need to buy everything listed.

  2. hahahahahahahaha I looooove the Chanel stories. Oh and I showed McKay that website and he was FREAKING OUT. He was like "wait!!!! whoa!!!!!! where did you find this????!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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