Tuesday, December 4, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

playing in her new toy wearing her new santa jammies, both from Nannie & Bear. 

my parents have the creepiest clown ornament. Gems doesn't seem to think he's scary. 

i sent JJ this pic and he was all "judging by your pants, it's been a relaxing day." hahahahaa 

snugglepups Cleo & Lola 

my Dad loves nothing more than Christmas lights. this is my parents Christmas light display. except that since i took this picture, about 4,000 new lights have been put up. you practically need sunglasses while coming down their driveway.  

i sent this to JJ and he said "that's my favorite sweater of hers. when she smiles her fat little face inside it." hahahaa we got that sweater when she was still a mystery little JF. 

my sister and i were playing hide the pickle. and this is where i found it. she hid it inside an angel's butt. first of all, how rude! secondly, i told her that was totally cheating. TOTALLY. you cannot hide the pickle inside of another ornament. she said there are no rules in the pickle game. WHO IS RIGHT?! 

Cleo fell asleep like this in the car. looks totally comfy. 

Rah and Nebular already sent us our Christmas presents, and we *accidentally on purpose* opened them early. Cleo got a green dog chew toy and Gemma got some books. only Gemma wanted the green dog too. so they sat there fighting over it. hahahahhahaa thanks Rah & Nebular! 

FaceTiming with Daddy while he's away for work.


  1. I really like how he was like, "L I want Gemma to call me Bear" and you were like OKAY! and now it's a thing lol

    ps she is one of the cutest babes ever! great work :)

  2. no hiding the pickle ornament inside of other ornaments, its totally against all the unspoken rules of the pickle ornament! also, that "facetime" pic, hahahaha! :)


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