Tuesday, January 31, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

they came. and JJ visibly cringed when i clunked around the house in them. and the thing is, they really are so comfortable. my fear now is that i will fall in love with them.


sailboats are pretty.


i hate hate HATE the ice cold floors on my toes while i'm fumbling for my slippers when i get out of bed to pee at 3 am. so i bought this tiny heart rug at target for $2.50 and my problem is solved!

22 weeks. i look quite puffy. 

i mean, how is that even comfortable? 

 these are all the ikea armoire pieces. for realz. SO MANY PIECES. i unwrapped them all and got anxiety. and how annoying are ikea directions sans words? you just have to look at the pics and hope you're right.

 i screwed exactly 3 screws. it warranted documentation.
the finished product! it's so huge and lovely and holds (almost) all of my clothes! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

favorite things

jeans: F21, top: Nordstrom Rack, leather jacket: Hollister, booties: Target

that little hut in the background to the left is my neighbor's chicken coop. i feel bad for those chickens. they must be cold. oh and please don't worry, i'm making a hair appointment ASAP for those dastardly inappropriate roots.

this weekend i participated in a photoshoot with my pal Sand. she's starting her own business and is wanting to build her portfolio. it was fun, and she is very talented. can't wait to see all the results! i met up with the Fab5 for dinner and a sleepover at Sam's, and JimmyFrank was being a somersaulting fish, so they all got to feel It moving around. they also all got to smell the eye-watering, nosehair-burning pregnancy farts. and on sunday, JJ and i ate sandwiches and watched the badass girls of the winter X games. could have been me if my snowboard hadn't gotten stolen back in '02.

last night i had a dream the baby was a girl. it goes back in forth in my dreams. sometimes it's a boy, sometimes a girl, sometimes an alien. i'm so excited to see what JF will really be (preferably not the latter). anyway, in my dream i was in target and a greasy man walked up to me, punched me in the face, and stole the baby AND my Louis bag (which had Cleo in it). what a travesty right?! and no one would help me. it was a terrible nightmare. is that a subtle message that my top three favorite things in life are the baby, Cleo and Louis?

and actually add JJ to that list of favorite things in life. because i don't know if this is a pregnant thing or not, but lately it has been really really hard for me to be away from JJ. like it's weird how much i just want to be around him at all times. i mean i generally like being around him normally, but i also enjoy my own space. lately i'm extremely clingy and needy but not in a high maintenance kind of way (JJ may disagree about that high maintenance part, plz don't ask him), i just need him to be in my peripheral vision at all times. especially at 4 a.m. when i'm awake and dinging around on my pad reading and making endless to do lists. (i call my iPad my pad. was that confusing? did you like think i was talking about a maxi pad?) when i was up in the middle of the night at Sam's house, JJ's wheezy snoring was absent in the background and it really freaked me out. and when we are sitting on the couch or laying in bed, i have to have a piece of me touching him (i.e. my cold toe on his arm, my elbow in his rib, my hand on his buttock, etc). i mean, wtf?! right?! i just can't figure this out. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

i heart

i heart my hubby tee: Ross

i bought this t-shirt on a whim one day while i was recklessly tossing things in my cart at Ross. i tend to do that. like i get to the checkout and look down and i'm like "what? did i really put a 4-pack of chip clips, a turkey thermometer and a fish-shaped candlestick holder in my cart?" Ross is sneaky like that. anyway, i like to throw on this t-shirt every once in a while to surprise JJ. he gets especially giddy when i wear it. only if he starts to annoy me while i'm wearing it, i threaten to take it off. 

did i tell you that the baby is in the 70th percentile?! i mean i'm growing a BEAST in there. which frightens me and my tiny hole. might have something to do with the way i've been demolishing the little debbie valentine heart cakes. they're going straight to the baby. 

i pee a lot lately. like a lot a lot. and i realized the other day that we go through a 12-roll of toilet paper every two weeks. i mean WHOA L. and i'm not even an excessive toilet paper user. i take what i need, no more, no less. also i learned the hard way that i have to have something substantial in my stomach (i.e. a mini babybell cheese wheel, an orange AND a granola bar) before i take my new prenatal vitamins. and a blue sprinkle krispy kreme doughnut is NOT substantial enough. it's real gross coming back up and out the nose.

well everyone, i did it. i ordered the Dansksos. they're on their way to me now (hanging head in shame) and last night i had a dream that when the Zappos box came, instead of ugly Danskos, a beautiful pair of Frye boots were staring back at me. you can imagine my disappointment when i woke up. 

the sun is actually out today in Seattle, so i'm off to take Cleo to the beach!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


turtleneck: Gap, skirt: Urban, heels: Target, headband: Ross

my Mother just left. and i didn't even cry this time. but i almost did. yesterday was a crazy nutty day that needed to end with a stiff drink, so i got to have a bottle of water instead. it started with my doctor appointment...

and then we went to ikea to get a big huge beautiful 20000000+ piece armoire for all of my clothes that we built all by ourselves with our BARE HANDS. and then we went out to dinner with JJ and today we switched mine and JJ's room with the baby's (we accidentally gave ourselves the smaller room. idiots) and it looks quite fabulous. my Mom and i are so successful when she's here. we just get shit done and it's awesome. plus we have fun together and i hateeee it when she has to leaveeeee me.

but anyway. ok so back to the doctor appointment. i went for a check-up and my Momz met me there and got to meet the doctor. i told the doctor that i've been having problems with an achy back. the doctor looked right at my pink rainboots and raised her eyebrows and she said, "what shoes besides these pink rainboots have you been wearing?" and i said "uggs mostly" and this is what she said to me: "you should really be wearing more supportive shoes." i said, "oh, okay. like tennis shoes?" she said, "yes, a brand new pair, or if you are willing to spend a little more, Danksos would be the best and most supportive shoes for your back."




vomit again

DANKSOS?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! DANSK-NO! i looked at my Mom (wearing a pair of Disgusting Danksos herself), and she started laughing. i was like "oh. okay. thanks." i am NOT a Dankso-wearing type of girl. i have made fun of the hideous, dull, club-like shoes since the first time i ever saw them. no no no no no no no no NO NO ONE MILLION TIMES NO.

but then i got to thinking. my back hurts constantly. like all the time. like wake up in the middle of the night and moan and roll around and kindly yell to JJ to plug in my heating pad. and i'm not even in the third trimester yet. so i have more backaches to look forward to. so. SO. you guys. i'm committing the biggest fashion faux pas since jeans without back pockets. i'm going to get. a. pair. of. Danksos. (when she finally stopped laughing, my lovely generous and thoughtful Mom offered to buy me a pair of the Disgusting Danskos). BUT SRSLY YOU GUYS DON'T JUDGE ME PLEASE! i promise to always wear dark glasses and a hood whilst wearing them in public and i promise NEVER to wear them in any outfit pictures.

OMG i just cannot believe i'm getting a pair of these shoes. the next thing you know i'll be wearing Lee jeans and driving a minivan.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


leggings, Old Navy, tee/belt: Target, jacket/hat: Urbs, sunglasses: Betsey, boots: Lucky Brand

tra la laaaaaaaa my Momz is on her way here as we speak! she's coming to my doctor appointment with me today and then we are going to lunch and ikea. and i'm so excited!! 

ohmygodddd my back aches. achessss. and my hips. like i'm a creaky old woman. and i can't take tylenol because i just throw it up. so JJ got me a heating pad which is my new best friend except that it automatically shuts off when it gets too hot so as not to start anything on fire. so when i notice it's cold, i have to turn it off and turn it back on again. tres inconvenient. in other news, my bellybutton keeps changing shape. now it's almost popped out. it's on the verge. and then it will look like i have a blueberry under my shirt. of all the pregnancy things, JJ is most weirded out by my bellybutton. really? honestly, like that is the grossest thing about pregnancy to you JJ??

HOW BADLY do you want to punch Courtney from the Bachelor in the face?! srsly. 

ok i g2g clean before my Momz gets here so she doesn't judge me. it's her first time seeing the new house all decorated, and i don't want dirty floors to spoil the unveiling.

what's on L's phone?!

 brunching. JimmyFrank is quite prominent in this one. 

view from the Space Needle

i found these white winter berries on a walk with Cleo and found myself weirdly yearning to shove them all in my mouth. wtf? they're probs poison, but they look so foreign and irresistibly delicious.

every year around Valentine's Day i get a hankering for these perfectly crafted heart cakes. they are SO good. and SO bad for you. so JJ and i shared one pack instead of eating two each. oooooh WHO am i kidding?! i'll probs eat like 3 packs of them today.

top of the Needle. JJ's bed head. hahahahhahaaa

JJ went out to buy me a heating pad for my achy back and picked up some super-sale candy canes. he said, "forty-two cents, how could i lose?!" 

the new rug. ooooooh the new rug! it's perfection. and Cleo matches it perfectly. 

hahahah that's my friend The Black Dahlia. JJ and i were watching the Gonzaga game on TV and a commercial came on showing old footage of student fans. i was like "OMG IS THAT D?!?!" so we rewound the TV and there she is, front and center, celebrating the Zags on November 11, 2007. oh, college. 

Cleo just being cuteeee with her long dog toy.

last week's wintery walk.

JJ wearing my hat and looking thrilled.

Monday, January 23, 2012

a touristy weekend

dress: F21, blazer: Wet Seal, infinity scarf: gift/H&M, heels: Steve Madden via Ross

can i just say that Olivia Wilde is stupidly good-looking? i mean OMG. how did she get so pretty? also Heidi and Seal broke up. wtf? love in Hollywood is gone. gone gone gone. i feel cheated. they were so in love. i thought. and now it's just over. which annoys me. like, "you've grown apart" ?? then go to a marriage counselor and try to fix it and grow closer again. celebrities get bored too easily. and they fix it by getting divorced. so sad.

we thoroughly enjoyed the winter wonderland, but thankfully now it's almost gone. JJ's parents had a blast here this weekend! they brought us a few adorable teensy tiny little baby outfits. (we definitely need to get going on getting baby's room ready!) we did touristy things like go to Pike Place Market (where Cleo had diarrhea on the street. and i threw up in the bathroom. reallllll classy. for some reason my stomach cannot handle tylenol anymore...???) and eat brunch in the Space Needle. JJ's Dad bought tons of fish to be shipped to their house and he couldn't have been more thrilled. they stayed right downtown and we took them to fancy restaurants. we showed them around our little town and spent some time lazing around our little house. and they took us to Costco (the most unfriendly Costco in the world. Costco workers are usually so jubilant and highly energized and generally jazzed to be alive, am i right? but these people are a bunch of grumpy trolls. i tried to make conversation with two of them and both were so rude) yesterday which was fabulous. and they bought us a new shaggy area rug that feels so unbelievably great on bare toes. JJ, Cleo and i all joyfully rolled around on it last night. 

ohhhh Monday, you always come back. we can always count on you to come back. boo.

Friday, January 20, 2012


skirt: Gap, tee: Targs, jacket: American Eagle, boots: Steve Madden

i took a tylenol this morning and ate an apple. then 20 minutes later i threw up the whole apple. it came out my nose and now my nose burns. i can't figure out if i'm sick or if i just didn't eat enough food with the tylenol. so i climbed back into bed only to discover that i can only get one channel because there is snow on the satellite dish. woe is me. poooooor pooooooor L.

in sixth grade i was mortified after my first gym class experience to discover that all the other girls wore bras and i didn't. it was like everyone was in on this rite of passage except me. of course i was flat chested and didn't need one, but i rushed home from school and demanded that i get one of these coveted treasures of my own. my Mom took me to Target and i got a pretty little white bra in the little girls' section. size 30AA. it had delicate scalloped edges and a pink rosette where the impossibly tiny triangles met in the middle. my Mom shared in my excitement and wrote "L's First Bra!!" in her checkbook registry. the next day in gym class i felt like i belonged. thus began the era of boob obsession.  

in junior high, LJ, KitKat and i had a little acronym we frequently used: BES. BES stands for "Boob Enhancing Shirt." as awkward adolescents on the cusp of womanhood, we obsessed about making our boobs look bigger. i had the infamous Victoria Secret water bra, and i loved it. and when worn with a midriff-baring jersey knit tee from Abercrombie,  it created the illusion of two perfectly fleshy mounds on my board of a chest. the ideal BES. i never really did get boobies (well, until recently because of JimmyFrank), but i'm more than happy to evade the uncomforts of the underwire.

it's strange how the things we lust after the most as young girls turn out to be the very shackles of womanhood that annoy us most (i.e. shaving one's legs).

that was a bit of a rant to segue into what i was originally wanting to say; i've been using my old favorite term frequently these days. but the B now stands for Belly. and the tee i'm wearing in these pictures is definitely a BES.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ice day

pants: Gap, blouse: F21, sweater: Target, flower: gift, smoking slippers: TJ Maxx

my smoking slippers! my smoking slippers! i just love them. they're so comfortable and a fun way to switch things up from the typical ballet flat.

today it is raining. so all the snow is turning to ice. it's a giant mess over here. all the schools are closed again, but Seattle U has a game tonight, so JJ has to go to work. yesterday the time flew by too fast. it was glorious fun to have JJ home on a Wednesday. we needed firewood but i didn't want him to leave the house, i wanted him to have a REAL real snow day where he doesn't ever leave the comfort of the inside, so i volunteered to go. and so i pulled on my snowboots and cleared the snow off my car and drove 3 miles an hour to the grocery store for wood. isn't that nice of me? JJ ended up leaving the house last night anyway for some taco bell beefy crunch burritos without the beef. omg you guys. it's taco bell's newest 99 cent revelation. there's rice and beef (if you want it) and nacho cheese and sour cream and hot fritos. i mean it is BEYOND delicious. and to balance out the TB, i ate a can of mandarin oranges. and then the power went out for like 5 minutes.

the local news coverage has hogged the TV completely which is so annoying because i really wanted to see the segment on the today show where Jason Wu for Target collection. i watched it online but it just wasn't the same. i really wish i had all the dollars in the world to spend on this collection. it's harder to justify silly clothing purchases now that there's a baby coming who actually will need things, ya know? i mean it's a MIRACLE that i got LV before baby.  

JJ's parents come to town tomorrow and the poor dears are going to be freezing. i hope the snow melts mostly. his Mom keeps calling and asking if she should go and buy gloves and a hat or boots or warm socks. ohhhhhh those spoiled southern Californians.

as for me and Cleo, today we will get lost in a book and possibly get brave enough for a walk. the only thing is i don't want to slip and fall with no one but a 7-pound dog to help me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snow day!

dress: Gap, vest: American Eagle, hat: Urban, tights/socks: Target, boots: Vera for Kohl's

Cleo walked right into my first shot and peed. idiot. you can even see the yellow snow right under her. 


all schools and universities are closed so we will snuggle up inside and make homemade cookies (from the bag) and watch a crackling fire and hope that there are great movies on HBO. and we will take Cleo out in the snow to play and i will throw a snowball in JJ's face. the snow makes me remember what a California boy JJ really is. and how three years ago when we lived in Spokane and it snowed two feet in one night he went to buy snowboots and came back with uggs. UGGS. hahahahahahaaa obvs i made him go right back to the store and exchange them for a pair of boots that wouldn't make him look like a gay man. 

if you are a fellow seattleite , enjoy your time off work/school! it's going to be a fabulous day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

the hideous snowboots my Mom bought me that actually came in handy today.

20 weeks. halfway there!

hahahahah this made my day. there was an article in Real Simple magazine about fitness. and this girl is eating the most delicious cheeseballs from Target that are so good yet so disgustingly bad for you. i took this pic and sent it to Rah for a laugh. what's most hilarious about this photo is that she's eating them just as they're meant to be eaten--by the handful--shoved into the mouth. 

SNOW DAY! (supposed to get another 8-14 inches tonight)

KKiss' homemade ice cream! was so delish.

napping Cleo.

new and effective advertising: on a gas pump! i srsly wanted to go buy chips after i saw this. 

this is my general outlook on people who are too serious in life.

L shaped wood!

 this is a conversation i had with my Mom today. she was supposed to come here tomorrow but now she's not because of the stupid stupid stupid snow. but srsly. doesn't that emoticon look like fingers that are pinching a nipple?!

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