Thursday, January 31, 2013

a few of our favorite things

1. Lifefactory teething rings. the best ones. the best. a variety of textures to munch on! Gemma loves them. and so do all other babies who have met Gem. they all go right for these teething rings.
2. American Apparel infant hoodie. matches. everything. little hipster Gemsie. plus i have an adult version so we're twinz. which is totally fun. also i really just like mother/daughter twin pics.
3. Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover. keep dem germs off the baby. we got this for Christmas from Nannie and Bear. it has a nice and sturdy strap to prevent my wiggly skinny child from falling out one of the leg holes.
4. HABA Magica Rattle. this was an i-need-to-order-one-more-thing-from-amazon-to-get-the-free-super-saver-shipping purchase. and it's awesome. she's obsessed with all the colors. and especially loves hitting it against my face. 
5. Prince Lionheart WheelyBug. she's a little bit small for it yet, but OMG SO CUTE. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! we hold her onto it while we wheel her around the house and she giggles. 
6. Peg Perego car seat. i'm a car seat snob. and car seats are real ugly. i hate that most of them are made in China. this one's made in Italy and is so pretty. my Dad threw a stink about the fact that we asked them for such a "boring practical thing" for Christmas (he wanted to buy G a teddy bear the size of Jupiter *forehead smack*), but a big girl car seat is what we needed! and really, it's the tits. 
7. ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier: this was a present from JJ's parents. and my back rejoiced. the end. the perfect carrier for older/heavier babies.
8. Boon Squirt Spoon. smartest. invention. ever. and totally reminds me of something the Jetsons would have used. THANK YOU Kel for this brilliant baby shower gift!
9. DOG book. Gemma's #1 fave book of all time. we found it in Costco and it was love at first sight. we read it 800 times while my mom and sister did their grocery shopping, and have read it 8 million times since. (thanks Auntie M!)


  1. char loved those teething rings too! we put them in the freezer sometimes she loves it :)

  2. can't wait to get one of those spoons. on it!

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  4. my ergo saved my life!! nursing incognito is so easy peasy


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