Thursday, January 24, 2013

basically my whole day yesterday

corduroy pants: J Brand, blazer/heels: BCBG

Gemma is so over it in that second pic. but LOOK AT HER LITTLE TONGUE in the last one. sticking her tongue out is her new favorite thing.

here is my day yesterday. i'm going to write all about it. because i can.

i left my favorite necklace at Gymboree on accident. Jimbo better not steal it or i will shank his ass. 

WE GOT TO MEET MY FRIEND SAND'S BABY YESTERDAY and i wept a bit because she is the most precious little thing. i love her. she's so delicious. and the little newborn fuzz on her arms you guys. i almost died dead. BECAUSE NEWBORN ARM FUZZ IS THE VERY BEST. and Gemma was like a giant compared to Baby I. Sand and i are so lucky these two girls will grow up together as friends. 

i made Sand and her husband pasta roma to have for dinner and so i also made it for me and JJ. so we ate dinner. and then i watched some of my DVRed shows while JJ browsed hockey gear online. and then i checked Facebook. and then i ordered a bath toy holder from Amazon because right now Gemma's bath toys are in a salad bowl in the bathroom and i feel like they're growing mold. then i wrestled with Cleo. and then i annoyed JJ while also succeeding at one of my new year's resolutions (pinching his bum) so essentially i was killing two birds with one stone. and then we went to bed. 

at 1 a.m. i heard a strange noise outside. it was close. and it kept coming closer and closer and all of a sudden it was right outside our bedroom window. just like a scary movie. AND THEN IT HIT ME. I KNEW THE SOUND. it was the sound of a garbage can being wheeled down the driveway. i said "OHMYGOD JJ WAKE UPPPPPP THE NEIGHBOR IS TAKING HIS GARBAGE OUT AT 1 A.M. THAT IS NOT NORMAL." and JJ said, "you don't have to shout, i'm right here and i'm already awake." and so we listened to our weird neighbor finish dragging his garbage to the end of the driveway. and i said, "JJ. but really though, why would they wait until 1 a.m. to take the garbage out?" and JJ said, "because there's probably a body in there." and i said "OHMYGOD THAT'S SO SCARY SHUT UP. but you're right. there's definitely a body in there." so basically we are 98% positive that our neighbors are murderers. try going back to sleep after that conversation. it took me like 38 minutes. then at 4 a.m. Cleo decided she had to go poop. so typical. so i had to walk outside and wait for her to take care of that business. and the murder neighbors' light was on. at 4 a.m. you guys!!!!! obviously they are vampires. vampire murderers. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. you should spy on the vampires in your underwear....that oughtta teach em


  2. are they elderly? that would explain being at 4am at least.

  3. L, could you do a blog post about what you did to lose the baby weight, and how long it took?

    Love the outfit!

  4. maybe they have bad insomnia? omg i would freak out too! Gemma is SO cute :)

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