Wednesday, January 9, 2013


skirt: JC Penney, cardigan: Target, heels: Kelsi Dagger, purse: Juicy Couture

Gemma and i ran errands yesterday. and by "errands" i mean we went to the post office to get stamps andthentotargetandnordstromrack. and wouldn't you know it, the post office was out of stamps. so basically we just went shopping. (ps. we got an Ergo for Christmas and it's amazing. i carried Miss G for two hours in that thing and my back didn't even kind of hurt! if you're on the hunt for the perfect carrier for bigger babes, this one wins. hands down). 

yesterday i also decided i wanted to grow out my bangs again. only i decided right after i cut them. so basically i'm dumb. 

JJ is in a health and fitness frenzy. all of his pants are hanging off of him. so basically he's like going to be skinnier than me. 

we ordered Gemma a teepee for Christmas and the place where we want to put it also happens to be the place where Cleopatra's toys reside. there isn't room for both. PLUS Cleo doesn't really play with most of the toys. sooo basically Cleo loses.

my Mimi got me a subscription to The New Yorker and the first one came yesterday and HOLYSHIT it's so dense. but i'm making it my mission to read it. really read it. every week. so basically i'm going to be a genius and know everything about everything.

i already cleaned the toilet this morning. so basically i win. 

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  1. I WANT A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE NEW YORKA!! (i said it with a new york accent, so clever, right? i mean i should write for them, it was that clever)

    also i'm texting you about the ergo riiiight now. and you look HAWT in that outfit.


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