Monday, January 21, 2013

diaper-less demon

Captain Hook

jacket/vest: Nordstrom, skirt: F21, belt: BCBG, shoes: Target

dirty pirate hooker vibe, no?  

Saturday was sexydatenight! JJ and i went to a delicious restaurant called Geppetto's in Yakima. i mean the. bread. sticks. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO ONLY EAT ONE (hilariously enough, we ran into my bff LJ's parents while we were there. small town perks). then we stopped for ice cream cones on the way to a movie (Silver Linings Playbook. go see it NOW omg). and it was a perfectly lovely night. except that i wasn't wearing my favorite turtleneck that i just rediscovered in my closet. the last time i wore it, i was immensely full in the belly region (read: JF/Gemma was in there). and so i was really excited (probably a little too excited actually now that i've rambled on about it for like an hour) to wear it on my sexydatenight. but destiny intervened. doesn't it always?

on Saturday afternoon before sexydatenight, while in a particularly frustrating game of rummikub (in which i was sorely losing) with my mom and sister M, i had forgotten that Miss G was at least 10 minutes into a diaper-free sesh (sometimes in between diaper changes, i like to let Gem's butt breathe. because c'mon, let's be real here: diapers cannot be comfortable. no way, no how. and plus her little naked behind is way too cute to be kept covered at all times. now i know the risks that come with a diaper-less baby bouncing about the house, but Gemma is beside herself with glee when she is free to feel the air on her nether regions). anyway, she was sitting on my lap and wiggling around all excitedly. and all of a sudden the diaper-less demon stopped and relaxed. and then came the shouting from everyone in the room, "OHNOOOO!" and "GET HER OFF THE NICE OTTOMAN L!" and "SHE'S PISSING ALL OVER THE PLACE!" and uttered from my own mouth, "NO! NOT ON MY SEXYDATENIGHT TURTLENECK!!!" 

and so i wore an old navy t-shirt instead. 


  1. this is exactly why I keep that diaper on her...i KNOW this would happen to me...except it would be poop.

  2. hahahaha naked babies! Jax has peed like three times on our floor recently! And he went #2 in the bath! It was lovely! But I agree, their naked bums are so cute!!

  3. Hahaha well at least maybe potty training will be easier! I love naked baby bums too, we let char run around after bath diaperless and I just know some day she will piss/poop somewhere un pleasant !!

  4. ahahahaha! and so, I wore a old navy tshirt.

    ps.. is a sexy turtle neck possible L?


    1. hahahahahhahaha. probably not moon, probably not.

  5. When I was pregnant and researching cloth diapering, I wanted to try all the different kinds out. I bought one or two of nearly everything: different brands of prefolds, all sorts of All-In-Ones, pocket diapers with snaps, pockets with velcro, etc etc!

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