Thursday, January 17, 2013


 skirt (that needs to be ironed): BCBG, cardigan: Target, shoes: JC Penney, belt: Gap

Gemma and i went to this thing called "Gymboree Play & Learn." we went with a momfriend and her adorable little girl and she warned me about the singing and the clapping and the cheesetastic time we would have there. but ohmygod what she didn't tell me about was Jimbo. GHODDD MELISSA, HOW COULD YOU NOT WARN ME ABOUT JIMBO?! (hahaaa jk) basically he is this creepy looking puppet clown that for some reason all of the babies adore. and the instructor puts him on her hand and he comes alive and interacts with each child personally. and if you feel so inclined, you can even buy your own Jimbo to have at home. anyway, when i got back to my car after our session, i looked in the mirror and--WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT--Gem had wiped my lipstick with her little fingers so it was smeared down to my chin. so basically i looked exactly like Jimbo. 

anyway, Gemma loved the class. she cried at first when everyone started singing, but ended up having the time of her life. and so back to Gymboree Play & Learn we will go! (plus, we got a Groupon. plus it's nice to interact with adults who  aren't the UPS man in the middle of the day). 

later that afternoon, after our millionth outfit change due to the extremely high content of feces that my child's body has the capability of creating, my friend G came over and brought Taco Bell for dinner. so, that was delicious. and it was only after G had been there for an hour that i realized i had baby shit on my sweater. this was in addition to the baby shit that i had on my finger earlier that day. 

some days, things aren't very glamorous.

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