Thursday, January 3, 2013

it was a good day.

jeans: J Brand, boots: Frye, leather jacket: Hollister, belt: Target, bag: LV

keepin' it casual. and brown apparently. i miss Louis. i only use her when Gemma and the diaper bag aren't with me. good ol' Louis reminds me of my accomplishments. of the wonderful job i used to have and the fact that i was successful in my career. although i consider my alive child (who is bathed and in clean clothes already this morning by the way--BRAVO, L!) to be the most successful thing ever i have ever done, Louis reminds me that i worked hard to buy myself something expensive that i wanted--all by myself. 

yesterday i went wedding dress shopping with my friend Sabs, it was so much fun! and so unfair that she literally looked good in every. single. dress she tried on. ohhhh but we had a favorite. one in particular really just took the cake. we went to the same shop where my own dress was purchased. and wouldn't you know it--the sample was still there. all haggard and dull looking and on the clearance "discontinued because it's old" rack. and it just made me feel like my wedding was so long ago. i got a little bit wistful. and Gemma was with me and i was just all like WHOA. i'm back here. 4 years later. married this time AND WITH A BABY. WHAT HAPPENED?! LIKE WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!

and then in the car on the way home, Cleo climbed into the car seat and licked the baby's face and Gem shrieked and giggled and it was soooo cute i wish i had it on camera. we got home, i fed the bebe and put her down for a nap. then i hopped into some yoga pants, made some tap ramen, grabbed a giant armful of (double stuf duh) oreos and settled into my DVRed episode of Glee.

in the words of Ice Cube, "it was a good day." 


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  2. i love you! ohmahgawd, your wedding was beautiful. happy to see louie peeking out into the "sunshine".


  3. i love the feeling of buying something awesome without asking anyone else for it!
    what did you used to do in your career?

    1. I worked in the student affairs office at Claremont Graduate University! :)

  4. Love those times when I sit on my bum, eat, and watch TV. the best!


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