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October 2011

alright. let's talk about this ruffle shirt for a minute. i mean COME ON. this silly little ruffle shirt is the reason for like 800% of my daily blog traffic. and at first i was like oh crimany, this dumb shirt?! why is EVERYONE OBSESSED WITH THIS DUMB SHIRT?! then i remembered how awesome it really is. like ohhhhh okay. yeah. yeah, i agree. this is shirt is really cool. 

i bought it at Nordstrom Rack. ages ago. in the old lady section and there were like a hundred of them. a full rack dedicated to this shirt. and it even came in different colors. i was with my friend Sabs when i bought it and she laughed at me. and i laughed too because it reminded me of the pirate shirt from Seinfeld. the ruffles are SO BIG AND BOUNTIFUL. and the little buttons are rhinestones. and it's made of jersey fabric so it's comfortable. 

and i get emails. from girls wanting this shirt. asking me the brand (i cut the tag out because it itched my neck, but upon reexamining the washing instruction tag, i figured out that the brand is C'Est City. now go look up that brand on google. SEE? OLD. LADY. now laugh at the old lady status of it), and every once in a while i get some gals offering to pay dolla dolla billz for this shirt. and i get protective over it. like nooooo! you can't have it! now that everyone wants this shirt, i adore it even more. i covet this shirt. because all of you love this shirt too. and it's no longer out there for sale.

so i got to thinking. i only wear this shirt like twice a year. but it really is a wonderful closet staple. it is the ULTIMATE SHIRT. so versatile. so classic. so fabulous. and so i have made it my mission to style it in a plethora of different ways. well, 30 ways to be exact. for 30 (week)days. some will be work appropriate for you full-time urban professionals, some will be for the party people. some will be casual and some will be just plain crazy train. 

so i ask you to join me in this ruffled escapade. and also, i promise i will finish. 30 FULL OUTFITS. and by the end, i think you will all agree that every girl needs a ruffled blouse in her closet. 


  1. Hahaha this makes me laugh because I saw that first picture on Pinterest and that's how I found your blog. But I like you for more than your ruffley shirt, so. Hah.

    if you ever decide to part ways with The Ruffle Shirt, you should do an auction and make a zillion bucks off it.

  3. OK that first picture went viral... that is how I found your blog and subscribed right away. Honey don't be silly, 30 full outfits and make them as awesome fantastic fabulous mindblowing ruffly outfits everrrr and then auction that baby off!! Omg this is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN. Eeeek!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog via the infamous ruffle shirt. What keeps me coming back is your hilarious stories and the way you write them. Don't get me wrong, the outfits are fantastic, but give yourself some credit!

  5. hahaha, seriously that ruffle shirt pic! I have seen it on like 10 gajillion of my friends' boards. And each time I see it, I feel a little bit famous for having tap danced with that ruffle-chested lady.

  6. This is so awesome! That's why I started reading your blog and LOVE it. bahahaha- Looking forward to it :)


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