Friday, January 18, 2013

what's inside my brain

pants: J Brand, tank: i heart ronson

1. i look like a puffin with that chest. and i don't hate it. 

2. Gemma and the hairdryer being blown in her face. LOL

3. you guys. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. i've said it before but i just...i cannot. it's sooooo scary. like SO scary. and it just keeps getting scarier. Mona is so batshit crazy. and OMG Toby's angry, black-hoodie-wearing A-team face. he is so creepy. but can we all just agree that the clothes on that show are to.die.for. ???

4. Lance Armstrong. c'mon man.

5. i seriously botched poor Cleo's haircut yesterday. she looks like a total ass.

6. while botching Cleo's hair, Gem had some tummy time. she scooted her tiny little bottom backwards out of our room, down the hallway and even turned the corner into the bathroom. (!!!) i have a feeling that crawling is in her near future. which means my days of painting my nails and online shopping while she's on the ground playing, are numbered.  

7. omg. we almost lost Gemma's FleurBunny at Target. she just disappeared. i retraced our steps and started getting reallll nervous. we went to guest services, and THERE SHE WAS. someone had turned her in! phew. crisis averted. nice to know there are good citizens out there. 

8. this video taken by my friend G of these two BFFs:

9. have you tried the Archer Farms pizza crust from Target?! i mean, it is THE BEST. thin and crispy and delicious. AND it's low fat. srsly go try it. sooo good. 

10. a Menchie's opened up right by our house. this. is. trouble.

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  1. OMG! You look A LOT like Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect!!! Do you get that all the time? :) It's a compliment!

    1. true story: my Dad and i were watching Pitch Perfect and i told him that people have told me i look like Anna Kendrick and he said "oh, must be the big nose." thanks, Dad. THANKS A LOT hahahahha

  2. PLL is AWEsome! I sit on the edge of my couch in nervous suspense every.single.week. (and you are right, best clothes ever!)


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