Monday, January 28, 2013

what's inside my brain

skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, cardigan: Express, Hunter boots, bracelet: c/o Anya

1. oh how weird, it's raining in Seattle. 

2. GOOD GOD i need to get my hair done. it's been almost 3 months. and now it's like a challenge. i'm all "let's see how disgusting my hair can get before i cave and get it colored." am seriously considering getting a fresh look and going Julianne Hough with my beyond-damaged locks...i always had short hair until i got extensions for my wedding and i was like OMG LONG HAIR RULEZZZ (then i couldn't afford to keep getting them redone, so i had to take them out and was seriously bummed out at my own pathetic, real hair. and so i have been growing it out ever since) i want to cut my hair but i'm conflicted because i don't want a mom haircut. do you see the difficult problems i have to deal with?!?!?! 

3. this bracelet that Anya sent me is so awesome. chunky and fabulous. she makes gorgeous, earthy jewelry and eco-friendly body products--totally cool. CHECK OUT HER STUFF! 

4. so Vine. omgyouguys. Vine is so fun. GETITNOW. i'm Queen Lacie if you want to follow along.

5. i started training for the 5K. i really did. and i finished my first workout and i immediately wanted to quit. it was so awful. i really just don't understand how people get addicted to exercise. the sweat. the pain. the TIME it takes. i thought i was going to die after the first workout. yesterday i did my second workout and i made JJ come with me. and he wore Vans. VANS YOU GUYS.  like we were going to traipse around the farmer's market or something. that's how low and easy my workouts are for him. i was like "c'mon JJ. Vans? you can't run in Vans. put on your real running shoes so i don't feel like an idiot." but he ignored me.

6. Kenny G did not disappoint. HE EVEN PLAYED A CHRISTMAS SONG! did you know that Kenny G is really Jewish? but his best-selling albums are his Christmas albums. he was literally like 3 feet from me and my cousin (!!!) and he's about my size. embarrassing but true: i have been to two live Kenny G concerts. one with Rah back in '09. 

7. Gemma isn't crawling yet. and i have decided not to care. because whatevs. she'll crawl when she wants to crawl.

8. i started an Amazon wish list. and now i'm depressed because i can't afford anything on it. 

9. JJ and i watched the original National Lampoon's Vacation last night. i mean HOW FUNNY is that movie? "she's not fine Clark, she's dead!"

10. i posted a picture on Instagram this morning of our toothbrushes. and then i thought i should reveal a fun fact about myself: i will not brush my teeth with a toothbrush of any other color than pink. in a reallll pinch, i'll use a purple one. but pink is king. 


  1. i love this outfit! i have to have a pink toothbrush too haha, itsn't it so cute when their little tooth brush is next to yours??

  2. How many teeth does Gemma have?! And I think your hair looks great!

    1. Thanks Ruthy. And g has two teeth!

  3. wait, isn't G younger than joons?! joony doesn't crawl yet either! he does a faceplant-scoot-shuffle! and yeah, they do their thang in their own time.

  4. Share your Amazon wish list :)

  5. I think it's a crime to live in WA w/o Hunters :)

    1. We don't need Hunters over here on the DRY side of Washington! :)

  6. I like your Outfit, you look really dishy wearing your "Girlie" pink Hunter Wellingtons,I love my Hunters, they are so sexy and my Boyfriend likes me to wear them when we meet!!!!!!!


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