Tuesday, January 1, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

a shitload of pictures. that's what.
and in a very random order.

the D'Lights show at Bellevue Botanical Gardens! why am i the hunchback of Notre Dame in this pic? 

Precious Gem & Bear playing with new toys 

Christmas jammies 


who wants to date us? 

chillin with Bridey. 

my sister's husband Chase and his aggressive bedhead.  

i, L, the abstainer of all things "sporty" in winter gear, about to embark on a snowshoeing adventure. and dare i say it...i actually had fun! 

JJ and Chase scaling a mountain in their snowshoes. JJ mooned me from the top. so mature. 

SISTERS! MM, M, Bridey CA and me. 

you guys. is my flower big enough? 


sisterMM and me 

Bridey & Groomie. isn't this so chic?! I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE THE CHIC-NESS.


gettin nails diddd.

Uncles Chunkle and Nate at their rehearsal. 

fell asleep with cowbaby in her mouth. hahahahaa 

all bundled up 


ran into my pal G at the cracker of nuts so we could awkwardly embrace and have it forever documented on camera. 

"feed me, woman." 

i made these tees for CA and her husband to wear on the plane to their honeymoon! husband. wife. period. 


Gemsie & Fleur. she (G, not bunny) got two new teeth for Christmas! and they are crooked and so adorable i might die dead. 

not adorable however, is when she clenches my nipple between her two new teeth so hard that tears sprang from my eyes. i yelled "OWWWWWW!" and patted her mouth and said "no. no. no." and this is how she responded. 

bathing in the sink like a boss. 

lazing around with my fave peeps. Gemma is giving me total attitude. little stink. 

me and Uncle D on Christmas Eve. 

 best pants ever.


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