Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

hanging out with my favorite friend.
would you LOOK at that bow? fabulous
my friend Ali makes the best headbands.

you guys. JJ. POSTED. THIS. ON. HIS. FACEBOOK!!!! i almost died of embarrassment. and the worst part is that i'm in bed with my entire face in a bag of chipsbut i guess it's only fair since i'm always telling stories about him on here. anytime he does something dumb he immediately gets all stern-faced and points to me and says "L. i do NOT want this to be on the internet tomorrow. i mean it." and i say "okay" but it's always a lie. anyway, back to the chips. i do this every time i'm done with a bag of salt & vinegar. no crumb left behind. now you know. 

Cleo loves nothing more than those maple teething biscuits. she's been known to steal them right out of the baby's hands. so rude.
another headband made by Ali. shop Little Miss Designs

look at these snuggle buddies. and allllll that turquoise. 

asleep after a day at the mall with Auntie M 

our new wall art. i got the idea from another blogger and i died. i just knew i had to do this. and so i did. my sister M got me the letters for Christmas (from Anthropologie) and i finally got around to hanging them this last weekend. believe you me, those letters are a bitch to hang up. it's impossible to get them straight. there are 8 million new holes in the wall oooooops. but i love the end result. they are perfectly imperfect.  

ohhhhhhh Cleoooooo she got into a tussle with a two-year-old on Sunday and was tired from all the excitement.

babies love jumperoos. they. LOVE. them. 

FaceTiming with Bear. obviously Bear doesn't know the 'never look down into the camera because it is a very unflattering angle' rule.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha! The chips! Score one for JJ. And Bear's face! Cannot quit laughing.

  2. AWWWW!!!!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES! Gemma is the cutest thing ever! Can I have her for my baby model?! Those Anthro letters look SO good! I can't believe you hung all of those by yourself. We have hung ONE letter in Jax's room...just a "J" and it took McKay and me and it was such a pain! Good job hanging FIVE in a straight line. holy cow!

  3. I just found your blog and have to thank you for filling my extremely boring work day with laughs. You are freaking hilarious and so glad to be reading along!


  4. I'm home sick from work today and stumbled upon your blog (I read Ali's.) I just want to say that you're freaking hilarious and I've loved reading it! The picture of you with the chips is awesome. Anyone that leaves salt and vinegar crumbs behind is a criminal.


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