Tuesday, January 22, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

annnnd it's purple, FOR THE WIN: purple shirt. purple sippy cup. purple spoon. 

enjoying the fire as entertainment like a 19th century baby. 

Chanel. she's fabulous but she's evil.  

i said "CLEO! CLEO! GOOD GIRL CLEO! COME HERE CLEO!!" and this is how she responded.

outfit of the day. i wanted to document what i was wearing the day the President gave such an incredible speech. also, can we talk about Michelle's red Jason Wu dress? WOW! girl owned that shit.

Chanel says, "i ordered the merlot, not the cab." sheesh, she's SUCH a wine snob.  

she loves munching on these pillows. maybe the sequins feels good on her gums?? 

JJ took Cleo to his office today. and he found an abandoned chair in the building for her to sit in while he works. hahahahhaha (note: the California flag is NO LONGER IN MY HOME! hurrah!)

hairdos by Gem.  

Valentine's Day decorations at our house! 

Gemsie's little flower baby (as opposed to flower girl) dress came! she will wear it in JJ's brother's wedding this summer. his fiancée is a real sweetheart and i'm so excited for her to be an official Hansen! oh this dress is honestly just way too miniature and adorable to put away in her closet. so out in the living room it hangs. 

Gemcake's new playmat! it's so bright and cute. doesn't quite go with our home decor...but whatevs.  

JJ took the Gemma for a run in the jogging stroller's maiden voyage! WHILE I HAD A BUBBLE BATH AND SOME WINE YEAHHHHHHH, DAWG.

JJ: "while we are in Selah (he says it "Sa-lay" because that's how he thought it was pronounced when we first started dating hahahahhaa) i have one request: that i get to have King's Row while i watch the King's game on TV." I OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT DUDE. King's Row never spells my name right. rude. 

these two growling at each other while out to breakfast. 

my guard dog. 


  1. Okay, McKay LAUGHED OUT LOUD when he saw that pic of Gem in front of the fire with the caption. He goes, "Your friend Lacie is really funny!!!"

  2. joony LOVES the fire, too!! he always pulls the fire screen over on himself, though, and then shrieks like a little caged animal.

  3. i LOVE all of Gemma's head bands <3


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