Thursday, February 28, 2013

a few of our favorite things

1. at age 8 months, Gemma finallllly was willing to take a bottle (although now i'm unsure wether or not it's even worth it for her to take a bottle at this age because we will just have to end up weaning her off of it...?) after trying 10 million different brands, the picky little baby happily accepted the Comotomo. they are stupidly expensive. but they are bulbous and fat and squishy like a real boob. it's pretty hilarious. they are the bottles for the breastfed baby (and also i recently saw on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami that baby Penelope uses them, soooo...).

2. foam play mats are ugly. they just are. but with hardwood floors and a topsy baby, they're necessary. this is the cutest one on the market!

3. my tiny friend doesn't fit into pants. she just doesn't. so she lives in these leggings. they're not the greatest quality--but they're the only pants that fit her! and at $3.99 a pop, they can be replaced every few months. they're comfy and i love her little legs in tight pants. so cute!

4. up and up veggie munchers. i think there may be crack in them. actually i'm positive there's crack in them. i have to pry them out of Gem's cold, lifeless fingers when she's had enough.

5. the monkeys. THE MONKEYS. there's no rhyme or reason to the obsession. babies love the monkeys.

6. Kido Go Car. i know i linked to it before, but it's become a fast favorite in our house. easy for small, uncoordinated baby hands to grab.

7. we received this Zany Zoo Activity Cube as a hand-me-down from the family i used to babysit and it is a must. so many bells and whistles to keep Gemster occupied, and it's heavy enough to support her when she pulls herself to a standing position.

8. George and Martha. these two hilarious best friends make me LOL. and shut up George with your golden tooth! hahahahaha. hands down the best children's book. in the world.

9. my friend Mel discovered these Plum Organics Boon Spoons and they are amazing. they screw right onto the baby food pouches. i keep them in the diaper bag for on-the-go feeding. brilliant. just brilliant.

thank goodness for my photographer friend

so my friend Sand came over with Baby I (wednesdays are totally our thing now) and we spent the morning (and maybe the early afternoon too...) doing absolutely nothing and loving it. this woman and her camera. i tell you--SHE IS AMAZING. she took Gem's newborn pictures which we adore, and is always snapping away, quietly capturing moments otherwise missed. i am notoriously terrible with my camera (iPhone pics only, yo) so i wanted to share some of what she caught on film yesterday:

 our favorite family photo that Sand herself shot when little chubby G was so fresh and new.

just please. look at the disarray of my home. shit everywhere. and there's Cleo, sitting below the high chair, hoping to catch a morsel or two dropped by her human sister. 

PRAISE JESUS, WE FOUND THE MONKEY. and a reader sent me a link to where i can buy more. i am forever indebted to you, Kelly M. even Sand panicked. she was all "OHMYGAWWWD MY BABY ISN'T EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO ENJOY THE MONKEY BUT I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO BUY THEM TOO" honestly you guys, babies LOVE THE MONKEYS. 

egg, cheese, kiwi and a monkey plz 

hands down, best ever picture of Foxy Cleopatra ever taken.  

GEMMANOLIAN! it was a day for Abercrombie hoodies and sweatpants and no makeup (thanks for cropping me out Sand)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

gemma's magic corner

i realized this morning i never blogged about GEMMA'S MAGIC CORNER OHMAHGAWDD. and lots of people asked me about it. so i thought i would share the goods.

our house is a tiny house. and giant colorful baby things take over every inch of this house. and so i knew i wanted some sort of object to go in this corner to hide all of the baby things. i also wanted little G to have a place all to herself for playing. i didn't know what that object was though...and then i saw this blog post (if you have a baby or are expecting--this chick seriously does all the best research on toys and products. i've taken numerous recommendations from her, and all are phenomenal) and saw that she had purchased this teepee and i died dead when i saw it. and knew it was THE MOST PERFECT thing ever in life. i strung the white lights around the top and plug them in when G is playing in there. i found a blabla dream ring for super cheap on Gilt and hung it from the flags so it dangles right above Gem's head when she's laying down. it is literally a little fairy wonderland of happiness in there. I WANT ONE OMGGGG! i can only fit like one arm inside of it.

and my FAVORITE PART about this fabulous teepee is that it's white. it matches our decor, and so it looks so pretty right in our living room.

what's on L's phone?!

running errands with this little munchkin in that crazy hat. 

sporting her new dress from Nannie & Bear! 

this is just a boring picture of JJ's closet. BUT I CLEANED IT. i cleaned it. it was so messy. i spent my entire morning organizing it for him. and now it looks amazing and he owes me big time. 

we got a wonderful bunch of hand-me-downs from the kids i used to babysit, and in that bunch was the monkey in Gemma's hand. it's just a little wooden monkey. and it was the absolute favorite toy of the youngest of the kids...she took it everywhere with her. and now Gemcake is obsessed with it too. there's just something about the monkey! note: my nightmare has happened--the monkey is currently missing. i have no idea where it went and i don't know where i can buy another. HELP MEEEEE

we had a double date night (wooden monkey pictured here as well) with Gemcat's BFF and her parents. we went to pizza at 5 p.m. beers for the mothers, and the dads spent the night picking up dropped toys. it was perfect! it's nice to have friends who understand why dinner needs to be early and swift. hahahhaa

LJ came over for terrarium making! it was so fun. and i like the finished product. i want a wee horse figurine to place in there to frolic between the succulents. 

Rah sent me love mail! i adore this eco-friendly coffee sleeve. 


sisters on a Saturday morning.

Monday, February 25, 2013

down she goes

on Saturday we got Gemmie all Zagged Up and headed to the dog beach for some treasure pillaging (i have started a collection of beach glass. it's mostly made of green pieces so far. i blame the youths and their beer bottle smashing).

we hopped out of the car and JJ wrestled Cleo onto her leash, while i strapped Gemma to my chest. we were bundled and cheerful and ready for a nice relaxing romp in the sand. we had just begun our descent to the waterfront, when i faltered on uneven ground, rolled my ankle and hit the pavement. again. AGAIN OHMYGHODDDDD. I FELL ON THE GROUND AGAIN. you guys C'MONNNNN. i was a dancer for 15 years--you'd think i'd have decent balance!! apparently not. on the way down i thought to myself, "SELF! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING AGAIN?! get it TOGETHER man!" this time i was not brave and tough and alone. i had JJ with me and so i cried and whined while also kind of laughing because i mean REALLY, L?! REALLY?! and JJ roughly patted my head and shouted at me "HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!" while Gemma yelled at me to stand up (she didn't get hurt, she was just annoyed that we had stopped moving). and then i tried to stand up and i couldn't. "OHMYGOD JJ I HAVE BROKEN MY ANKLE! IT'S BROKEN. I'M DONE FOR. I'LL NEVER WALK AGAIN." and so JJ said, "let's go home then." but i didn't want to go home. i wanted to go beach glass hunting. so i urged my poor ankle to move, stood up slowly and bravely walked it off. and there were people. lots of people. who all saw me fall. but nobody--NOT EVEN ONE PERSON asked if i was okay. they all just walked on by, with their heads turned while i screamed out in angst. i even think i heard a couple of bearded hipsters in their flannels laughing at me. how rude.

and after i had hobbled my way down to the beach, i noticed a burning pain in my knee. so i pulled up my pant leg and gasped:

poor, poor, poor me. 


my knee is still bruised and scabby, but i think i will be okay. mostly i am in awe of my stupidity. 

AND THEN. last night, this happened:

never have i been more obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. she gets me. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

how bout a round of applause?

scootin' around the house in dog jammies. fridays are for dog jammies. and 800 reese's eggs.

happy MFing friday. no seriously though. i'm so happy it's friday. because:

1. my friend and her darling little girl came over and we wasted the morning away chatting and lovin' on babies.

2. my sister M is coming to stay with us tonight!

3. it means that yesterday is over.


we had a wonderful little morning. running errands and such. and Gemmie was wearing her ridiculous fluffy winter hat and just being generally hilarious, shrieking in laughter when the old men in QFC responded to her flirtatious ways by telling her she was cute. such a coy gal, that one. then we had a fabulous playdate with Mel and little miss M and I MADE US LUNCH (!!!) the two girls shared crackers and kisses, it was beyond adorable. Gem, who wasn't much into clapping before yesterday, saw her friend doing it and has been clapping nonstop since. so sweet. so charming. the clapping i will never tire of.

after our playdate we popped on over to Marshall's where we had a particularly successful day (sequins Easter eggs! a new baby book! a sparkly nativity scene on final clearance for $3! ((i'm so Catholic right now)) supplies for terrarium making! ((i know, right?))) i mean, who doesn't love a good Marshall's day?! it was one of those where it was like "tra la laaaaaaa! i think i'll SKIP to the car because i'm such a Genius Marshall's Expert Extraordinaire!" we got to the car car, where i had parked next to a raised bark garden and i opened the door. i then stepped delicately in the small space between my car and the raised bark garden. only i rolled my ankle and ate shit. I ATE SHIT IN THE MARSHALL'S PARKING LOT YOU GUYS. WHHHYYYY?! WHY CAN'T I JUST BE NORMAL? WHY?!?! and i was holding Gemma (who was entirely unscathed). i fell forward and landed on my knees (i have brown bark stains like a 10-year-old boy on my jeans) and then rolled backwards onto the floor of the backseat of my car. dklfjdhsalfjghsfjdhgairofdjkals ohmygodddddddddd "ohmygoddddddd i'm so embarrassed. i hope no one saw that," is what i thought. when i recovered and stood up though, i realized that no one really had seen it and then i wished someone (preferably a nice old woman) would have, so that she could say, "oh! oh my! are you okay?" and pat me on the back and say "there, there. good as new." instead, i brushed my knees and i awkwardly shouted "OH DEAR! MOMMY JUST FELL DOWN! MY GOODNESS! OH GEMMA! ARE YOU OKAY? YOU'RE OKAY LITTLE LOVE!" then i buckled her in and drove away from the scene, slapping myself for being such a damn fool.

when we got home, Gemster and i went outside to put the new sparkly nativity scene in the Christmas bin out in the shed, and on the way back inside, i stepped in dog poop. dog. poop. again. it's like MFing groundhog's day. just...can someone punch me in the face please? THREE TIMES THIS HAS HAPPENED NOW (while complaining to my Mom later, she said, "L. why don't you just scoop the poop? and i'm all "SHUTUPMOMMMMM. okayfineiknowyou'rerightbye.") and so i shouted my second favorite curse word into the air so loudly that the birds flew from the trees. and then, and then... Gemma clapped.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

my little sleepy baby. she took most of her naps this weekend (we went to visit my sisters in Spokane. the whole family came! it was the best!) in the Ergo because we were too busy for actual naps.  

car rides with these idiots.  

fave doggggggggie 

in the car on the way to Spokane. my Dad is so much fun. 

this. painting. I WANTED IT SO BAD for on top of my fireplace mantle. but then i remembered that i lose. i lose because the TV is on the mantle. bulghhhhhhhh. BUT I STILL REALLY WANT IT. i'm kicking myself for not buying it. sigh. 

Gemmie's first Ultimate Bagel! (mine and JJ's favorite bagel joint from college) 

Cleo begging not to be left behind.  

pardon my embarrassing state of disarray. i finally got my Valentine's Day present from JJ. i got a gigantic costco-sized bottle of yellow tail, a plethora of sweets and a Starbucks gift card. hahahaha and in case you were wondering, that's a CALZONE IN MY LAP. (from Pete's Pizza) we had to get our food to-go because G was cranky. i ate it in bed and it was delicious. 

THIS. is the biggest zit ever in life. it has since doubled in size and has been popped twice, yet is no less angry. yesterday my Dad thought he'd be hilarious and melt a marshmallow and stick it to his face and say "hey hey L! look! we're twins!" hah hah hah. NO BUT SRSLY. look at that thing! and i have to go out in public today!  

my little sister MM is on the bomb squad (hiphop dance team) at Gonzaga so after we watched her perform in the kennel, i had to say hello to my old friend Spike. don't we (Spike and me) look like we're up to no good? 

we accidentally stole a spoon from Latah Bistro. Gemmie was playing with it and it fell into the diaper bag. oops! 

a big girl lunch at Nannie & Bear's house: sweet potato fries, banana bread and cheese. and she ate all of it. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

a little valentine post

valentine twins!
oh, and i cut my hair. dead ends be gone! 

my dumbest and best sweatshirt
the story of this sweatshirt HERE

Cleo and Gem made these allll by themselves! 
and also, in case you didn't know, my baby poops glittery hearts! teehee.

on Tuesday after the most fabulous mom date with my friend Mel and her little girl, i got pulled over and got a ticket for talking on my phone while driving (Gemma's good looks didn't even persuade him!). i have the worst luck with the policemen. they all really hate me. c'mon, EVERYONE talks on their phone while driving. and i just feel like shouting at them "INSTEAD OF PULLING ME OVER, PLEASE GO CATCH A REAL CRIMINAL. GO HANG OUT AT THE TINY JACK IN THE BOX ON HWY 99 WHERE I'M POSITIVE 98% OF ALL THE DRUG DEALS IN THE EMERALD CITY GO DOWN. YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE INFORMATION" but really, i have no one to blame but myself. so now i'm $124 poorer. which is so so so sad. and i was wallowing in my self pity after i got my ticket and picked up my phone to call and whine to JJ but then i remembered that i had just gotten a ticket for doing what i was about to do again, so i put the phone down and pouted all the way home instead. then i got out of the car and stepped in dog shit. 

second time in the same week

so, that was a bad afternoon.

yesterday morning before JJ left for his business trip, Gem and i gave him his Valentine presents early. i got him an airtight jar for his coffee beans (so romantic!) and filled the jar with pink paper hearts that had little sweet funnies on them. and Gem got him some running underwear. then i said "where's my present?" and he said, "oh...i...uh...well it's not done yet. you're getting it Friday." which obviously means he didn't get me anything. and so i called him an idiot and made him slow dance with me in the kitchen to Disney songs as punishment.

then my Dad came to pick up me and Gemster and we went to Gymboree and he watched while Gem played with her buddies (and also he watched her scream and cry during the "kick-the-ball" game like she does every week) and we grabbed lunch: 

and Bear bought lucky little Gemsicle a new suit and cap for her swim lessons that start in March:

AREN'T YOU DYING OVER THIS PICTURE?! it's literally the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life and i never want her to wear anything else besides this. ever. i sent JJ this picture and he said, "holy hell." and my mom said "oh my...that hat is a little ridiculous, i feel like she's embarrassed to be wearing it" hahahahahhaaaa but i just...i adore it. it really is SO ridiculously hilarious. my little old lady baby is ready for water aerobics! 

and this morning my little love was spoiled with presents from Nannie & Bear, from Great Grandmimi & Great Grandpapa and from her Momz&Dadz. (we got her this funny book and a new car!)

Happy Valentine's Day fools (and happy birthday to my sister Uncle Chunkle!) now go kiss someone or something you love. kbye.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

the cheeks! the soft and puffy cheeks that i kiss again and again until she screams at me to leave her alone.

juicy suit + a bob with bangs + no makeup + bath time for baby = i've never been more of a mom in my life.

dogsitting this lady. giant poops. speaking of, we went to the park to toss Bailey a ball for like an hour (you have to exercise a big dog apparently. Cleo walks to the mailbox and practically has a heart attack, that's plenty of a workout for her) and while we were there, she took a giant poop. GIANT. but we didn't have a doggie poo bag. so we looked around and yawned and pretended that we didn't see her pooping. and when she was done we just left it there. well let me tell you: karma is a real bitch, because not 10 seconds later, i stepped in dog poop. alkdjflkjsdfadfs

my friend from high school works for this awesome company called Liberty Bottle Works (the only American made metal bottles in the marketplace!) and sent Gemma (when she was still JF in my belly) this perfect little caterpillar bottle. and Gem loves it. i have one too, and so does JJ--they are fabulous!  

 Gemsie adores dogs.

green things for dinner (peas, kiwis and avocado!)  

"hey dogs," i said. "get off the couch please," i said. 
they ignored me.  

Gemcake munches on a cardboard box. my friend has a daughter just 11 days older than Gemma had a similar picture (even the same box hahahaa)...why is it that babies just love boxes?  


Gemsie Bear bein' all cute. i think she looks like my baby sister MM in this picture. 

YOU GUYS. i was looking under my oven to see if my rolling pin had rolled under there and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! the TAIL to my BUNNY PHONE CASE (covered in an embarrassing amount of crumbs and foliage) i was so happy that i did a jig around the kitchen. 
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