Thursday, February 28, 2013

a few of our favorite things

1. at age 8 months, Gemma finallllly was willing to take a bottle (although now i'm unsure wether or not it's even worth it for her to take a bottle at this age because we will just have to end up weaning her off of it...?) after trying 10 million different brands, the picky little baby happily accepted the Comotomo. they are stupidly expensive. but they are bulbous and fat and squishy like a real boob. it's pretty hilarious. they are the bottles for the breastfed baby (and also i recently saw on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami that baby Penelope uses them, soooo...).

2. foam play mats are ugly. they just are. but with hardwood floors and a topsy baby, they're necessary. this is the cutest one on the market!

3. my tiny friend doesn't fit into pants. she just doesn't. so she lives in these leggings. they're not the greatest quality--but they're the only pants that fit her! and at $3.99 a pop, they can be replaced every few months. they're comfy and i love her little legs in tight pants. so cute!

4. up and up veggie munchers. i think there may be crack in them. actually i'm positive there's crack in them. i have to pry them out of Gem's cold, lifeless fingers when she's had enough.

5. the monkeys. THE MONKEYS. there's no rhyme or reason to the obsession. babies love the monkeys.

6. Kido Go Car. i know i linked to it before, but it's become a fast favorite in our house. easy for small, uncoordinated baby hands to grab.

7. we received this Zany Zoo Activity Cube as a hand-me-down from the family i used to babysit and it is a must. so many bells and whistles to keep Gemster occupied, and it's heavy enough to support her when she pulls herself to a standing position.

8. George and Martha. these two hilarious best friends make me LOL. and shut up George with your golden tooth! hahahahaha. hands down the best children's book. in the world.

9. my friend Mel discovered these Plum Organics Boon Spoons and they are amazing. they screw right onto the baby food pouches. i keep them in the diaper bag for on-the-go feeding. brilliant. just brilliant.


  1. OMG, must get the spoons! And I'm quite sure the Monster leggings will far surpass the ones you talk about. I'm just sure of it! ;)

    1. hahhahaa yes em! cannot wait!

  2. omg love the zany zoo block. we got it for C for christmas! THANK YOU for the link to the monkeys!!

  3. My only complaint is that I did not realize that these diaperss did not have the stretch in the waist. Otherwise, exactly what it says it is! Plus, free delivery. I was very happy.


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