Thursday, February 14, 2013

a little valentine post

valentine twins!
oh, and i cut my hair. dead ends be gone! 

my dumbest and best sweatshirt
the story of this sweatshirt HERE

Cleo and Gem made these allll by themselves! 
and also, in case you didn't know, my baby poops glittery hearts! teehee.

on Tuesday after the most fabulous mom date with my friend Mel and her little girl, i got pulled over and got a ticket for talking on my phone while driving (Gemma's good looks didn't even persuade him!). i have the worst luck with the policemen. they all really hate me. c'mon, EVERYONE talks on their phone while driving. and i just feel like shouting at them "INSTEAD OF PULLING ME OVER, PLEASE GO CATCH A REAL CRIMINAL. GO HANG OUT AT THE TINY JACK IN THE BOX ON HWY 99 WHERE I'M POSITIVE 98% OF ALL THE DRUG DEALS IN THE EMERALD CITY GO DOWN. YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE INFORMATION" but really, i have no one to blame but myself. so now i'm $124 poorer. which is so so so sad. and i was wallowing in my self pity after i got my ticket and picked up my phone to call and whine to JJ but then i remembered that i had just gotten a ticket for doing what i was about to do again, so i put the phone down and pouted all the way home instead. then i got out of the car and stepped in dog shit. 

second time in the same week

so, that was a bad afternoon.

yesterday morning before JJ left for his business trip, Gem and i gave him his Valentine presents early. i got him an airtight jar for his coffee beans (so romantic!) and filled the jar with pink paper hearts that had little sweet funnies on them. and Gem got him some running underwear. then i said "where's my present?" and he said, "oh...i...uh...well it's not done yet. you're getting it Friday." which obviously means he didn't get me anything. and so i called him an idiot and made him slow dance with me in the kitchen to Disney songs as punishment.

then my Dad came to pick up me and Gemster and we went to Gymboree and he watched while Gem played with her buddies (and also he watched her scream and cry during the "kick-the-ball" game like she does every week) and we grabbed lunch: 

and Bear bought lucky little Gemsicle a new suit and cap for her swim lessons that start in March:

AREN'T YOU DYING OVER THIS PICTURE?! it's literally the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life and i never want her to wear anything else besides this. ever. i sent JJ this picture and he said, "holy hell." and my mom said "oh my...that hat is a little ridiculous, i feel like she's embarrassed to be wearing it" hahahahahhaaaa but i just...i adore it. it really is SO ridiculously hilarious. my little old lady baby is ready for water aerobics! 

and this morning my little love was spoiled with presents from Nannie & Bear, from Great Grandmimi & Great Grandpapa and from her Momz&Dadz. (we got her this funny book and a new car!)

Happy Valentine's Day fools (and happy birthday to my sister Uncle Chunkle!) now go kiss someone or something you love. kbye.


  1. That photo of you two in heart glasses is adorable! I love it :)

  2. Love the new hair do! It's basically exactly want I want to get done...More pictures please :)

  3. that little ruffle swim suit is SO CUTE!!! i can't even handle it!!

  4. Your hair looks good, but every other picture is overshadowed by that last one. SO cute! Seriously! You should get it in adult size and you can match her like the matching sweatshirts.

  5. I am dying over her swimsuit & swim cap. best.swimsuit.ever. I think I need a girl....

  6. cutest picture ever! That little swimsuit and swimcap looks like a miniature synchronized swimmer :-)


  7. i can't stand it. my weekend is now complete.

  8. i can't stand it. my weekend is now complete.

  9. Love the old lady swimsuit and cap.

  10. Where is that suit and cap from?!? Dying!!!


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