Monday, February 25, 2013

down she goes

on Saturday we got Gemmie all Zagged Up and headed to the dog beach for some treasure pillaging (i have started a collection of beach glass. it's mostly made of green pieces so far. i blame the youths and their beer bottle smashing).

we hopped out of the car and JJ wrestled Cleo onto her leash, while i strapped Gemma to my chest. we were bundled and cheerful and ready for a nice relaxing romp in the sand. we had just begun our descent to the waterfront, when i faltered on uneven ground, rolled my ankle and hit the pavement. again. AGAIN OHMYGHODDDDD. I FELL ON THE GROUND AGAIN. you guys C'MONNNNN. i was a dancer for 15 years--you'd think i'd have decent balance!! apparently not. on the way down i thought to myself, "SELF! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING AGAIN?! get it TOGETHER man!" this time i was not brave and tough and alone. i had JJ with me and so i cried and whined while also kind of laughing because i mean REALLY, L?! REALLY?! and JJ roughly patted my head and shouted at me "HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!" while Gemma yelled at me to stand up (she didn't get hurt, she was just annoyed that we had stopped moving). and then i tried to stand up and i couldn't. "OHMYGOD JJ I HAVE BROKEN MY ANKLE! IT'S BROKEN. I'M DONE FOR. I'LL NEVER WALK AGAIN." and so JJ said, "let's go home then." but i didn't want to go home. i wanted to go beach glass hunting. so i urged my poor ankle to move, stood up slowly and bravely walked it off. and there were people. lots of people. who all saw me fall. but nobody--NOT EVEN ONE PERSON asked if i was okay. they all just walked on by, with their heads turned while i screamed out in angst. i even think i heard a couple of bearded hipsters in their flannels laughing at me. how rude.

and after i had hobbled my way down to the beach, i noticed a burning pain in my knee. so i pulled up my pant leg and gasped:

poor, poor, poor me. 


my knee is still bruised and scabby, but i think i will be okay. mostly i am in awe of my stupidity. 

AND THEN. last night, this happened:

never have i been more obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. she gets me. 


  1. I am also quite obsessed with Jenn Lawrence. Have you seen this

    She's amazingly awkward like me and I love it!

  2. oh no, your poor ankle/knee! i am think i might be obsessed with jennifer lawrence now after seeing all these hysterical backstage clips of her. i kind of want to be her bff.

  3. You did NOT fall again! That is too effing funny! I haven't fallen down in years. And I fell like because I just typed that, I'm going to eat shit tomorrow.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh!! Your poor knee! Oh P.S. I want to text you right now to ask if Gemma can be my baby model because I made a bunch of new headbands, but I don't want to wake you up because I know you prob went to bed at 8:00 haha...but can she????!)

  5. i'm obsesssed with Jennifer Lawrence too! your poor knee...i love those mittens you are wearing though :) baby clapping is my fav!

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