Friday, February 22, 2013

how bout a round of applause?

scootin' around the house in dog jammies. fridays are for dog jammies. and 800 reese's eggs.

happy MFing friday. no seriously though. i'm so happy it's friday. because:

1. my friend and her darling little girl came over and we wasted the morning away chatting and lovin' on babies.

2. my sister M is coming to stay with us tonight!

3. it means that yesterday is over.


we had a wonderful little morning. running errands and such. and Gemmie was wearing her ridiculous fluffy winter hat and just being generally hilarious, shrieking in laughter when the old men in QFC responded to her flirtatious ways by telling her she was cute. such a coy gal, that one. then we had a fabulous playdate with Mel and little miss M and I MADE US LUNCH (!!!) the two girls shared crackers and kisses, it was beyond adorable. Gem, who wasn't much into clapping before yesterday, saw her friend doing it and has been clapping nonstop since. so sweet. so charming. the clapping i will never tire of.

after our playdate we popped on over to Marshall's where we had a particularly successful day (sequins Easter eggs! a new baby book! a sparkly nativity scene on final clearance for $3! ((i'm so Catholic right now)) supplies for terrarium making! ((i know, right?))) i mean, who doesn't love a good Marshall's day?! it was one of those where it was like "tra la laaaaaaa! i think i'll SKIP to the car because i'm such a Genius Marshall's Expert Extraordinaire!" we got to the car car, where i had parked next to a raised bark garden and i opened the door. i then stepped delicately in the small space between my car and the raised bark garden. only i rolled my ankle and ate shit. I ATE SHIT IN THE MARSHALL'S PARKING LOT YOU GUYS. WHHHYYYY?! WHY CAN'T I JUST BE NORMAL? WHY?!?! and i was holding Gemma (who was entirely unscathed). i fell forward and landed on my knees (i have brown bark stains like a 10-year-old boy on my jeans) and then rolled backwards onto the floor of the backseat of my car. dklfjdhsalfjghsfjdhgairofdjkals ohmygodddddddddd "ohmygoddddddd i'm so embarrassed. i hope no one saw that," is what i thought. when i recovered and stood up though, i realized that no one really had seen it and then i wished someone (preferably a nice old woman) would have, so that she could say, "oh! oh my! are you okay?" and pat me on the back and say "there, there. good as new." instead, i brushed my knees and i awkwardly shouted "OH DEAR! MOMMY JUST FELL DOWN! MY GOODNESS! OH GEMMA! ARE YOU OKAY? YOU'RE OKAY LITTLE LOVE!" then i buckled her in and drove away from the scene, slapping myself for being such a damn fool.

when we got home, Gemster and i went outside to put the new sparkly nativity scene in the Christmas bin out in the shed, and on the way back inside, i stepped in dog poop. dog. poop. again. it's like MFing groundhog's day. just...can someone punch me in the face please? THREE TIMES THIS HAS HAPPENED NOW (while complaining to my Mom later, she said, "L. why don't you just scoop the poop? and i'm all "SHUTUPMOMMMMM. okayfineiknowyou'rerightbye.") and so i shouted my second favorite curse word into the air so loudly that the birds flew from the trees. and then, and then... Gemma clapped.


  1. Love that Gemma clapped. LOLOLOL!!


  3. omg hahahaha you always make me laugh so hard i should know this by now and stop drinking something when reading!

  4. too funny that gemma clapped.

  5. SO HILARIOUS :) Love it! you always make me laugh before bed.


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