Monday, February 4, 2013

i have to

skirt: UO, jacket: Betsey Johnson, sweater: BCBG, shoes: Nine West

after a weekend of time with family and friends and too much wine and too much football and too much food and too much fun, today is not my favorite. today:

1. i have a date with the GD bathroom. i have to clean it. and that may be the worst job of all household jobs in all the land. 

2. i have to change the sheets. this may or may not be due to the fact that i ate a chocolate cupcake in bed this morning for breakfast. thanks LJ!

3. i have to change Gemma's sheets too. because she blew through her diaper, jammies, 4-layer-muslin sleepsack, sheet, mattress pad, all the way down to the actual mattress. which i had to scrub. that is real. just poop everywhere. 

4. i have to take G to the doctor to get her second round of the flu shot. 

5. i have to put on real pants (see #4).

6. i have to do 5K training.

7. i have to pluck my hateful pregnancy whisker. it grew in whilst pregnant, and continues to grow, long after my baby has entered the world. 

8. i have to give the dog a bath.

9. i have to unclog the vacuum due to laziness in the past. (i.e. i vacuumed giant things that shouldn't ever be vacuumed instead of bending over to pick them up).

10. i have to pay bills.

but i don't want to do any of those things.  


  1. changing the sheets. WORST HOUSEHOLD CHORE EVER. Especially when covered with poop.

  2. cleaning the bathroom is my least fav too, me and the hubs flip a coin but i usually just make him do it his stupid facial hair is ALL OVER THE SINK!

  3. I vacuumed the walls, ceilings, and blinds today. I also need to change the sheets and clean the bathroom... What a day, eh?

  4. BRUTAL day! Didja get it all done?


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