Thursday, February 28, 2013

thank goodness for my photographer friend

so my friend Sand came over with Baby I (wednesdays are totally our thing now) and we spent the morning (and maybe the early afternoon too...) doing absolutely nothing and loving it. this woman and her camera. i tell you--SHE IS AMAZING. she took Gem's newborn pictures which we adore, and is always snapping away, quietly capturing moments otherwise missed. i am notoriously terrible with my camera (iPhone pics only, yo) so i wanted to share some of what she caught on film yesterday:

 our favorite family photo that Sand herself shot when little chubby G was so fresh and new.

just please. look at the disarray of my home. shit everywhere. and there's Cleo, sitting below the high chair, hoping to catch a morsel or two dropped by her human sister. 

PRAISE JESUS, WE FOUND THE MONKEY. and a reader sent me a link to where i can buy more. i am forever indebted to you, Kelly M. even Sand panicked. she was all "OHMYGAWWWD MY BABY ISN'T EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO ENJOY THE MONKEY BUT I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO BUY THEM TOO" honestly you guys, babies LOVE THE MONKEYS. 

egg, cheese, kiwi and a monkey plz 

hands down, best ever picture of Foxy Cleopatra ever taken.  

GEMMANOLIAN! it was a day for Abercrombie hoodies and sweatpants and no makeup (thanks for cropping me out Sand)


  1. okay..where do you buy the monkeys!! I looked for hours yesterday trying to fig. out where you could buy more. seriously...where?! :)

  2. Yes!! Where did you find the monkeys?!

  3. where did you get that high chair? its so awesome!

  4. OMH I love your house and G's chair and is that mirror in the hallway from pier 1 because I used to have it. Glad we're cyber friends, kbye.

  5. That dang high chair IS awesome.


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