Tuesday, February 5, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

she is my favie.

bundled up for a jog. (i say "jog" like Ron Burgundy: "yog") 

me, LJ and KKiss and too much wine. 

3/5. we missed you Sam & KitKat! 


post-yog (hence JJ's headband hahahhahaa) but srsly though, they have the exact same look on their faces. 

just hangin out being all cute and tiny.  

okay you guys. my SIL is so talented. she knit Gem those legwarmers, cowl and hat from yarn she dyed herself with kool-aid. (!!!!!!) although she has two little girls of her own, she lives in AZ, where winter gear is entirely unecessary. lucky little Gemcake!


  1. Oh. my. god., that last picture is the most precious thing I've ever laid my eyes upon!! I want baby leg warmers, but I don't think my little man would approve : P

  2. Gorgeous hat, truly talented SIL lucky you even luckier Gem!

  3. i love gemma's leg warmers! I wish C's legs weren't so chunky so she could pull them off !:)

  4. I almost died with tha last picture. Over the top cute! Your sister should sell the kits. I would buy one, even though I live in Miami and I don't have a baby yet! LOL

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  6. okay. tiny Gemma on the couch in her little polka-dot leg warmers is the cutest thing in the entire world.

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