Tuesday, February 19, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

my little sleepy baby. she took most of her naps this weekend (we went to visit my sisters in Spokane. the whole family came! it was the best!) in the Ergo because we were too busy for actual naps.  

car rides with these idiots.  

fave doggggggggie 

in the car on the way to Spokane. my Dad is so much fun. 

this. painting. I WANTED IT SO BAD for on top of my fireplace mantle. but then i remembered that i lose. i lose because the TV is on the mantle. bulghhhhhhhh. BUT I STILL REALLY WANT IT. i'm kicking myself for not buying it. sigh. 

Gemmie's first Ultimate Bagel! (mine and JJ's favorite bagel joint from college) 

Cleo begging not to be left behind.  

pardon my embarrassing state of disarray. i finally got my Valentine's Day present from JJ. i got a gigantic costco-sized bottle of yellow tail, a plethora of sweets and a Starbucks gift card. hahahaha and in case you were wondering, that's a CALZONE IN MY LAP. (from Pete's Pizza) we had to get our food to-go because G was cranky. i ate it in bed and it was delicious. 

THIS. is the biggest zit ever in life. it has since doubled in size and has been popped twice, yet is no less angry. yesterday my Dad thought he'd be hilarious and melt a marshmallow and stick it to his face and say "hey hey L! look! we're twins!" hah hah hah. NO BUT SRSLY. look at that thing! and i have to go out in public today!  

my little sister MM is on the bomb squad (hiphop dance team) at Gonzaga so after we watched her perform in the kennel, i had to say hello to my old friend Spike. don't we (Spike and me) look like we're up to no good? 

we accidentally stole a spoon from Latah Bistro. Gemmie was playing with it and it fell into the diaper bag. oops! 

a big girl lunch at Nannie & Bear's house: sweet potato fries, banana bread and cheese. and she ate all of it. 


  1. i miss ultimate bagel so very much! best bagels ever. and i literally have a mountain on my cheek right now.. despite numerous attempts at popping the thing and several face masks, it remains prominent. cursed :(

  2. don't you just love your ergo?! it's been my lifesaver since the day we got it!!


  3. Little Gemma is already getting so big! Please make sure she's still a baby when I finally meet her in June. Love your valentines day gift!

  4. costco bottles of yellow tail are the best. i never had an ergo for C, but I think for my next kid (in like 3 years) i want to get one for real it just looks so comfyy!

  5. Yellow Taaaaail!! Yum, yum! Try tee tree oil on your zit! You can find it at health food stores usually and sometimes target too. Fair warning: it will burn like hell, BUT your zit will disappear :)


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