Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

running errands with this little munchkin in that crazy hat. 

sporting her new dress from Nannie & Bear! 

this is just a boring picture of JJ's closet. BUT I CLEANED IT. i cleaned it. it was so messy. i spent my entire morning organizing it for him. and now it looks amazing and he owes me big time. 

we got a wonderful bunch of hand-me-downs from the kids i used to babysit, and in that bunch was the monkey in Gemma's hand. it's just a little wooden monkey. and it was the absolute favorite toy of the youngest of the kids...she took it everywhere with her. and now Gemcake is obsessed with it too. there's just something about the monkey! note: my nightmare has happened--the monkey is currently missing. i have no idea where it went and i don't know where i can buy another. HELP MEEEEE

we had a double date night (wooden monkey pictured here as well) with Gemcat's BFF and her parents. we went to pizza at 5 p.m. beers for the mothers, and the dads spent the night picking up dropped toys. it was perfect! it's nice to have friends who understand why dinner needs to be early and swift. hahahhaa

LJ came over for terrarium making! it was so fun. and i like the finished product. i want a wee horse figurine to place in there to frolic between the succulents. 

Rah sent me love mail! i adore this eco-friendly coffee sleeve. 


sisters on a Saturday morning.


  1. We Lost Parker's Sophie :( teething sucks bug time....gonna go spend $20 on another piece of rubber. Gah

  2. I hope you collected on that closet organization. That's sacrifice right there.


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