Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter goodies

Easter is a lovely holiday in which we celebrate the resurrection of Christ (HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED! you can't just say those words. they beg to be shouted), but it's also a holiday that allows a giant bunny to break into your house to fill a basket with little presents and candy for your children, and hide hard-boiled eggs in your backyard (???) seriously though, when you think about it...W.T.F. 

in any case, i was really excited to fill Gemmie's first Easter basket this year! here's a breakdown of the goods:

1. rainbow stacker. my friend Mel got one for her baby and i fell in love. but when she said she found it at HomeGoods my heart sank. because HomeGoods neverrrr has the same things twice. but alas, i found one at TJ Maxx. it's so cute, and perfectly age appropriate for Gemcake.

2. Sugar Booger Owl Sippy Cup. this adorable little cup and the even more adorable company name--omg i just couldn't resist.

3. dancing giraffe toy. i bought this at a little shop in Olympia, but this one's similar. Gem actually picked this out herself and has been playing with it since we bought it, but i'm stealing it back to put in her basket. is that mean?

4. pink ruffle swimsuit. i got this at the babygap outlet, but this one's similar. my sisters and i always got swimsuits for Easter growing up, so i wanted to carry on that fun family tradition for Gemma.

5. tiny chick. i don't even know why i am so obsessed with these. but i am. desperately obsessed. they are so miniature and sweet and i kind of wish i had a real chick. but then i remember that it turns into a chicken. so, no. 

6. The Happy Egg. G is very particular with books. she has favorites and she knows them. if i try to sneak in a book she doesn't like, she cries and swats it away. little turd. i'm hoping she'll like this sweet and simple story. 

7. Push Around Dog. i love this little wooden dogggggg! and Gemma likes toys with wheels. so it's a win-win.



  1. Obsessed with that Easter basket!!! I want to order one for myself.

    Celebrate Jesus celebrate!!

  2. I just did Joony's basket today!!! I was so so so excited and was seriously just thinking I should post everything he got.

    He has a rainbow stacker and is OBSESSED with knocking it over and giving each of the tiers a good chew. Gem will love hers.

    Joony's FAVORITE books are the baby touch-and-feel ones. He knows how to turn the pages and he ALWAYS kisses the wooly sheep! It KILLS me!! And I want a sugar booger sippy cup now, too.

  3. I am in luuuv with that ruffle swimsuit. you are making this boy mama veeerrry jealous... :)

  4. Only you, Lacie, can get away with HE IS RISEN! And WTF in the same paragraph :)

  5. love the bathing suit tradition :)

  6. Yay! You found the stacker! Happy Easter Ms. Gemcake!


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