Thursday, March 21, 2013

i have turned a new sports leaf

JJ and i had a wild debate this morning over what kind of pizza we should get for lunch during the Gonzaga game. 

obviously i won.

costco pizza > all other pizza

ZAG UP FOOLS!!!!!! i've never been so excited about sports in my lifetime. and it's kind of fun. i dug up JJ's old jersey (#5 - holler Raivio!) and dressed Gemmaroonie in her GU sweatsuit and JJ is wearing a Gonzaga tshirt and a hat. we rolled into costco like a goddamn fan club for the bulldogs, and people shouted "WOOHOO! GO ZAGS!" in our faces when we walked by and it was thrilling. we even got a high five from one of the cashiers. IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A ZAGGGGGGGGG TODAY. i mean, c'mon. even the new pope loves himself some zag basketball:



  1. I picked Gonzaga to go to the final four!! Wooo!

  2. omg I LOVE COSTCO pizza!!! also you and Gemma are so cute!

  3. Did you belt your jersey?!

  4. Did you belt your jersey?!

  5. Just wanted you to know that I love following your blog! You are always making me laugh! And GO ZAGS (my little brother, #43, plays for the Zags).


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